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Circular Polarized 1.2ghz Transmitter Antenna (SMA) (LHCP) (Short)

Circular Polarized 1.2ghz Transmitter Antenna (SMA) (LHCP) (Short)

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Circular polarized antenna's aka "clover leaf antennas" are a great way to increase the performance of your FPV system. The circular polarization helps reject “multipath interference”, a problem that plagues standard dipole stock antennas.  Proven to increase range and video clarity circular polarized antennas have become the standard aftermarket 'essential' upgrade for modern FPV systems. This is the 3-Lobe transmitter side antenna with a 0mm shaft/cable for a nice clean, direct install with a SMA connector. 

Frequency Range:1080~1380Ghz
Impedance: 50ohm
VSWR: <1.5
Gain: 5db
Connector: SMA
Cable: RG316
Cable Length: 0mm
Model: 3 lobe Transmitter

  • SKU 435000027-0
  • Brand HobbyKing
  • Capacity (mAh) -
  • Shipping Weight(g) 56.00
  • Length 120.00
  • Width 80.00
  • Height 120.00
  • Circular Polarized Antenna
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