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Circular Wireless Skew Planar Wheel Antenna for 5.8GHz Transmitters (RHCP SMA)

Circular Wireless Skew Planar Wheel Antenna for 5.8GHz Transmitters (RHCP SMA)

23 g

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Circular Wireless came into being as an obsession by the owner to improve the quality of video signals. The immersive feeling was lost due to momentary signal losses, electrical power noise, interference from outside and generally anything that reminded you that you were not actually on-board the model, but actually watching an image transmitted through a weak wireless link. It was clear from the outset that the antenna was the key so through advanced knowledge of antenna design and laboratory testing these antennas have become the benchmark that others try to follow.

The skew planar wheel type of antenna goes right back to the 1950's, it has always been recognised to give excellent results in both omnidirectional and in rejection of the reverse polarity. This makes it one of the best antennas available for the video transmitter.

The build quality of these antennas is second to none, they are not cheap but quality has to come at a price, if you want the best then it has to be paid for. Once you use one of these antennas you will not want to go back to the cheaper alternatives, the results of the video transmission are excellent. 

For best results mount the antenna vertically and as far away as possible from the major metallic elements such as batteries, motor, camera etc as these can cause shadow zones in the radiation pattern.

The receiver antenna can be another Skew Planar Wheel antenna of the same polarization installed vertically or a Helical or Patch antenna orientated towards the direction of flight. You can also use a diversity dual receiver which utilises one Skew Planar Wheel and one Helical antenna. For the ultimate in reception then a video receiver with antenna tracker is best when used in conjunction with a Helical antenna.

This antenna is supplied with an SMA straight connector fitted and a right angle adapter is also included. The antenna mast is flexible to save damage to the connector in a crash, it is not the type which will stay bent, it will return to straight each time.

Frequency Range: 5645~5945MHz
Crosspolar Rejection: >10dB
Gain: 2.2dbi
Polarization: Right hand circular
Connector: SMA Straight (90° adapter included)
Diameter of Skew Planar Wheel: 31mm
Height: 72mm
Weight: 11g


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