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Corona 2.4Ghz JR Module & Rx (V2 DSSS)

Corona 2.4Ghz JR Module & Rx...

Corona 2.4Ghz JR module replacement system.
The Corona 2.4Ghz system replaces the standard JR module on most JR PPM systems equipped with an FM module.

Size: 23mm*37mm*12mm
Voltage : 4.8 V - 6V
Range : mo...

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Corona 2.4Ghz JR module replacement system.
The Corona 2.4Ghz system replaces the standard JR module on most JR PPM systems equipped with an FM module.


Size: 23mm*37mm*12mm
Voltage : 4.8 V - 6V
Range : more than 2100m
Operating current : 30 MA
Sensitivity : 100dbm
Latency : 22ms

JR 2.4Ghz Module
2.4Ghz Receiver


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I bought this module for my Taranis transmitter. But it was not possible to plug it in. It did not fit. So I disassembled the module to find out why. Without the case it was possible to plug in the circuit board alone. The position of the board was a fraction of a mm to high. So I inserted the empty case of the module first, then the circuit board. That worked. With a little pushing and pressing I could also insert the cover. Now the activation and binding to the receiver was a breeze.
The range is not as good as with the stock turnigy 9x module and rx but more importantly, this glitches and loses signal in flight. It worked on the ground but the last two flights it resulted in crash due to radio failure. Luckily it is a cheap plane and only the nose wheel was damaged. Just wonder how they can sell this, according to rcmodelreviews there are other reports of this kind of behaviour, I am going for FrSky instead.
Very good module. I have tested it on the distance 2 km with stock antenna.
Just received this one, looks good, but:
1) After binding procedure, TX module LED all time is RED, instead of Yellow a/p manual, range was not tested, but it works.
2) FAILSAFE not working properly - after power off the receiver, F/S setups erasing all the time!!! HOW TO PERFORM IT???? I am using 9XR and DJI Naza M lite.
So, better I will buy FrSky ...
Didnt check range but it works.
Compr este modulo hace un ao y todava no lo he probado en vuelo, en tierra va bien, siempre que no este cerca de transmisiones de carbono o metlicas, lo he instalado en una turnigy 9x y encaja perfectamente.
Bought two of these. One has range about 30 meters, other just smoked, burned and died during first power on. Complete trash.
Fits into an old Graupner MC18, works perfect, no binding problems, just check whether you are in PCM modus, I did not check maximum distance because I just use it for parksize depron models, but 500m no problem at all.
One of the best Module I use for Turnigy 9x 9ch Tx/Rx when i first buy Turnigy 9ch it never loose signal but after few crash i saw it loosing signal when i flight my scratch build and other brand they loose signal and crash after I search in HK I See that module and it fit perfect never loose signal. I comment very late i use more than 1 year plus and I also recommended to my friend and I already order for my frd Thx to Hobbyking for best product and low prices Value :)
Produit excellent en qualit. Porte prvue de 2.5km teste 300 mtres sans problme. Appairage ultra facile
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