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DG808 Scale Glider Composite 3000mm (ARF)

DG808 Scale Glider Composite 3000mm (ARF)

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4120 g
The full size DG-808 is a fully molded sailplane produced by the DG Flugzeugbau GmbH in Bruchsal, Germany. The design originates from the DG 400, 600, and 800 variants. All had different wing or fuselage options, some of which, including the DG 808C were self launching. These variants have Rotax or Solo engines and a folding propeller pylon just above the main wing spar. The DG series are some of the highest performance sailplanes in the world.

Our DG808 glider is built much like its full scale counterpart. It features a fully molded airframe of fiberglass and carbon fiber. The wings are hollow molded, not just fiberglass over foam. They are designed to flex much like the full size DG. Pre-installed servoless spoilers help to reduce lift allowing better control upon landing or breaking out from heavy thermal conditions. To attach the two piece plug-in wings, a heavy duty carbon spar inserts into the fuselage and is secured with a machined aluminum spar joiner that clamps the two wing halves together very firmly. Ailerons feature live skin hinging with bottom wipers that help minimize drag. Removable winglets round off the models good looks and also aid in drag reduction.

The large removable canopy section allows you to access the rudder servo, battery and receiver. If you plan to fly from the slope, there is ample room in the fuselage should you decide to add addtional ballast. A pre-installed aluminum hub wheel with rubber tire protects the bottom of the fuselage from run way rash and better aero tow takeoffs. Since the model is fully molded, it comes almost ready to fly. Just install your four servos, attach control rods, and fly.

Flying the DG is also a superb treat. The narrow chord, long span wings are optimized to sniff out even the lightest lift. The super clean design of the DG means she also performs very well from the slope, penetrating even the strongest of winds. The DG is fully aerobatic and built plenty strong to handle everything you can throw at her. Like all scale gliders she requires some rudder input to complete fast rolls. As you bring the DG808 in for landing, deploy the spoilers to keep it from ballooning once in ground effect for precision spot landings every time.
If you love gliders, fiberglass and scale models, be sure to check out the DG808.

• Almost Ready to Fly - Complete final assembly, install electronics and fly
• Molded composite fuselage
• Hollow molded composit 2-piece wing
• Live hinge ailerons
• Large removable canopy hatch to access receiver, battery, and rudder servo
• Pre-installed servoless spoilers
• Heavy duty carbon spar with machined aluminum joiner
• Complete hardware pack includes spinner

Wingspan: 3000mm
Length: 1170mm
Wing Area: 41.8 sq. dm.
Flying Weight: 1700g
Airfoil: HQ2512

4+ Channel Transmitter and Receiver
3 x 9gram metal gear servos
1 Standard servo
Receiver battery

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334usd for a GFK glider is a really god price and when i got it deliverd I quickly understod why, It is not a quality built glider and among several things I did need to do lots of sanding just to get the some throw on all the rudders and specially on the side rudder that only could move a couple of mm and as it was already glued in place it took some extra time to fix it. The surface finish is painted and not gelocote which not automaticly mean it is bad but in this case it does. The wing joiner system is just a bad construction that causes frustation. It states the wings are Hollow mould but it is way to much wood in the wings to call them that and as they had mounted the aileron cables wrong I needed to fix that but due to all wood in the wing it was almost impossible to get the cables out and even worse to put them in again. In my case I will convert it to a electric glider and just have it as easy to bring along glider and hopefully it will fly ok but if you have high expectations and are looking for a quality scale glider to be proud of this is not the one.
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verified_user Quality
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Cannot be bothered to continue and its going into the loft for hibernation.
I suppose in about ten years it will be taken very quietly one night to the local tip.
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verified_user Quality
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Such a strange offering and although very good value the quality is very poor and of no comparison to European offering.
The wing joiner mechanism is the most ridiculous piece of kit i have seen in over 58 years of model aircraft building and flying.
The tail plane assembly is awful as is the method of fitting the servo and unbelievably heavy to boot with ultra thick glass fiber and I have made a new tail assembly from balsa sheet covered with Oracover and the servo mounted in the rudder area as usual rather than in the tailplane itself.
I also seem to have two separate wings which are not a pair, one has good hinging and the other awful.

I never give up but this was nearly a bin item on a couple of occasions.

Its a very pretty airframe and I think it will fly quite nicely in the very near future but be warned if you expect decent quality.
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  • DG 808

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