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Diatone Crusader 225 Minitype Race Drone (P&P)

Diatone Crusader 225 Minitype Race Drone (P&P)


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Diatone Crusader225 Minitype Race Drone (P&P)

Diatone Innovations have put out another outstanding range of FPV Racing Drones, the CRUSADER series. The drones come in the highly successful “X” frame, with FPV tower, format.  This keeps all the equipment in the middle of the frame keeping the frame well balanced. The CRUSADER series comes in a number of different wheelbase sizes to suit all different flying styles and racing requirements. The Crusaders come fully equipped and only require the FPV camera tower to be installed on the frame.

The Crusader225 is driven by a Diatone Naze32 (Rev6) Thin Series (4.5mm thickness) flight controller. This FC has built-in FrSky telemetry and battery voltage monitoring. The power distribution board is made of 2oz copper and has 4-layers to provide 5V or 12V. A buzzer will let you know when the batteries get low. The color of the rear LED Light Bar can be easily changed so spectators easily know who is winning the race.

Plenty of power comes from BE2206-2000KV Brushless motors running 6045 size propellers. Using a 3~4S 1500mAh LiPoly battery will get your drone moving. Optional motor guards/landing legs are also provided for protection. 

FPV video is provided by a Carry 800TVL 1/3” CMOS micro camera that can be switched between NTSC and PAL. The camera mount can be adjusted between 0-45 degrees which will provide the best viewing for the speed you are travelling. All the video is transmitted through a Diatone SP1 raceband 5.8GHz 200mW VTX. A Nixie Tube easily displays the frequency.

This drone is quickly put together and will have you racing in no time.

• Tough 4.5mm thick 3K carbon fiber “X” frame
• Naze32 Rev6 Thin Flight Controller 6DF
• Integrated PDB plus an extended Power HUB
• Race ready 5.8GHz 40CH 200mW VTX
• Carry 800TVL FPV camera, switch from PAL to NTSC
• Perfect ESC and motor combination
• Motor guards
• Built-in FrSky telemetry converter
• Built-in alarm function
• Power voltage detection function
• Rear LED Light Panel

Wheelbase: 225mm
Weight: approx 350g (without battery or propellers)
Flight Controller: Naze32 Rev6 Thin 6DF
Motor: BX2206-2000KV Brushless 
ESC: D20 Brushless Opto (3~4S LiPoly), BLHeli
Propellers: 6045 (CW, CCW)
Camera: Carry 800TVL 1/3” CMOS Micro Camera PAL/NTSC
VTX: Diatone SP1 (5.8GHz 200mW 40Channel) Raceband
PDB: Onboard BEC (5V/2A and 12V/2A)

Crusades 225 Racing Drone
4 x 6045 Propellers (2xCW, 2xCCW)
4 x Propeller Adapters (Red)
4 x Propeller Adapters (Silver/Black)
1 x Spare camera mount
1 x Set of Cables
1 x Set of motor guards/landing legs (with screws)
1 x Mushroom antenna
1 x Battery Strap
2 x Manuals

1 x 3~4S 1500mAh LiPoly (11.1~14.8V) Battery
5~6 Channel Radio Controller and Receiver
Goggles or Video base station


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I've just built mine, but not yet flown. The quality if the components is very good, nicely thought out, very little assembly to do, but some points to be aware of.

1. Instructions could do with some additional photos showing which cable plugs in where. Yes, the diagrams do show you, but unless you've build a couple of quads before you're going to be scratching your head.
2. Check and retighten preassembled components, one of my motor installations was so loose the screws would have fallen out within minutes. Use thread lock.
3. On initial set up motor #4 was intermittent. On checking through the preinstalled cabling I noticed the socket for the ESC signal wires was not located to the FC squarely, on pulling out the cable the socket fell off the FC. Fortunately I was able to very carefully solder back in place.

Overall, nice product, but Diatone QC lacking.
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