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DM4F 4 channel DMSS Parkfly Receiver

DM4F 4 channel DMSS Parkfly Rece...

DM4F 4 channel DMSS parkfly receiver

Dimensions: 31mm x 9mm x 17mm
Weight: 3g


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DM4F 4 channel DMSS parkfly receiver

Dimensions: 31mm x 9mm x 17mm
Weight: 3g


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Tried one in my assasin with my XG14 to test it out. No problems after at least 10 flights, mine workes very well.
Parece ser muito bom e basico, vou fazer os testes e verificar o custo beneficio.
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Finaly I've found a receiver that is cheaper then having to buy a full 8 channel for my JR XG8 and it works dam well
Muito fcil o BIND. A capa do receptor de papel, poderia ser de plstico para melhor proteo e manuseio. Instalei num Fournier de 1,55m atingi uns 200 metros de distancia, sem perda de sinal.
have had no problems with receiver binds well

range check done inside my shed door closed then went for walk

50 60 metres

Trs bon petit recepteur. Bing facile sur la XG11, bonne porte mais pour des petits planeurs.
I installed this in my 3d Foamie using my XG8 transmitter. The bind was very simple. A half power range test made about 150' before losing signal. In the air I have had no loss of signal issues although flying 3d is never about distance. The receiver does not come enclosed in a case, it's a paper like cover over a board. It's well worth $15. HobbyKing, Stock these in America please! :)
A little less flash than the JR version, but it binds quicker and easier. Can't fault its flight performance, solid lock with no issues. At a quarter of the JR price there good enough for park flyers. Just need a full range 6-8 ch version.
Tudo funciona muito bem muito bem ,nenhum sintoma de perda de sinal.

O bind muito fcil, nao se usa o cabo de bind.

O peso do receptor e bem pequeno, porm ele e muito frgil.

Pelo preo recomendo para modelos simples, zagy, perfilados e at planadores, pois nao acrescenta peso algum.
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