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Dr Mad Thrust 85A ESC for EDF (Opto)

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Dr Mad Thrust 85A ESC for EDF (Opto)

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The Dr. is back in his lab bringing you new speed controllers optimized for use with EDF's. These ESC's offer smooth start up and a linear throttle response. No miss starts, or other hiccups. These EDF friendly speed controllers offer a range of programming options programmed through your transmitter or with the optional programming card. In addition to being great for EDF use, these ESC's work well in a variety of fixed wing aircraft and have a governor mode for use in helicopters. 

All Dr. Mad Thrust ESC's feature heavy duty wire leads made from high quality silicone wire and have an appropriately matched battery connector pre-installed. Additionally, the wire leads are extra long since most EDF models tend to have the fan at the back of the plane with the battery up in the nose. The smaller Dr. Mad Thrust ESC's have internal BEC's to save weight, while the larger units are optically isolated, which helps protect your expensive radio equipment. The "opto" units require a separate BEC to power your radio system.

• Optimized for use with EDF jets
• Three start modes, normal/soft/super soft for a variety of applications
• Low voltage cut-off, over-heat protection, and throttle signal loss protection
• Smooth, linear and precise throttle response.
• Program Card can be purchased separately for easily programming
• Throttle range can be calibrated for linear response on all transmitters
• Opto Coupled, for use with external BEC
• Heavy duty battery leads and battery connector matched to the current capability of the ESC
• Extra long battery leads

Input Voltage: 2~6S (7.4~22.2V) LiPoly
Continuous Output current: 85A
Instantaneous current (10 seconds): 100A
Size: 85x37x15mm
Weight: 110g
Battery Wires: 12AWG
Battery Connector: HXT4mm
Motor Connectors: 3.5mm Bullet

  • Dr Mad Thrust HV EDF ESC
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