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Durafly Prime Tundra PT1200 (RTF) 6ch STOL Trainer-Sports Model w/Transmitter, Receiver, and 3-Axis Gyro (EPO) 1200mm (47.2")

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Durafly Prime Tundra PT1200 (RTF) 6ch STOL Trainer-Sports Model w/Transmitter, Receiver, and 3-Axis Gyro (EPO) 1200mm (47.2")


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"Learn to Fly the Tundra Way" with the Prime Tundra PT1200. This is yet another addition to the extremely popular Tundra series of STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) airplanes from Durafly, but this RTF (Ready To Fly) version is aimed primarily at the novice. The PT1200 is the perfect STOL trainer as it inherits the excellent STOL flying characteristics of the Tundra lineage.

A first in the Tundra story is that the PT1200 RTF is supplied ready to fly, it comes not only with the 3-Axis ORX gyro, motor, propeller, ESC, and 6 digital servos, it is also supplied with a Turnigy T6A-V2 6ch (Mode 2) transmitter, and receiver radio system. Everything comes pre-installed, and pre-set from the factory, just do the final assembly, add batteries (not supplied), and fly!

If you do not have the luxury of having an experienced pilot to teach you how to fly RC, then the PT1200 RTF is for you. The PT1200 is the most stable Tundra to date even without a gyro but coupled with the pre-installed ORX 3-axis gyro it is taken to another level. The gyro has 3 settings, gyro off, gyro on, and training mode. In the training mode, the gyro gives full stability and also limits the amount of roll and pitch that can be used. In gyro on mode, this gives slightly less aided stability and does not limit the roll or pitch that can be used. In gyro off mode, it is exactly that, no gyro at all.

The PT1200 is the perfect choice for a very first RC airplane due to its rugged and simple lightweight construction in EPO foam, its fast and easy assembly which does not require any gluing, and its completely factory-installed and factory set-up power and radio system. All this coupled with its superb, and very benign handling characteristics make it the most stable and sedate of the Tundra family up to now, which means it is the perfect introduction to RC flying.

The PT1200 is supplied with the exact same tried and tested big wheels from the original Tundra which makes them perfect for every type of surface, be it a runway or a mountain track. This, with the large flaps, makes the PT1200 a very versatile aircraft, and that versatility extends to the wing mounting system too. It is supplied with a choice of a 'Bolt-on, or Band-on' wing mounting option, band on wings have always been considered the best option for training.

Once you have enjoyed flying your PT1200 on the land, then why not try the optional float set. If you have never flown a model off of water before, and have never experienced the pure joy and fun of doing so, then the Prime Tundra PT1200 is the perfect model to get your water wings with!

• The perfect first time Ready To Fly RC plane and STOL trainer 
• Includes a Turnigy T6A-V2 transmitter, receiver, and a 3-Axis gyro
• Beautifully molded in rugged EPO foam
• Large flaps and large Tundra style wheels
• Fast, easy assembly, no gluing required
• Factory-installed motor, ESC, digital servos, radio system, and 3-Axis gyro
• Makes the perfect floatplane trainer when fitted with the optional float set

Type: Durafly Prime Tundra PT1200 Trainer-Sports Model (RTF)
Wingspan: 1200mm (47.2”)
Length: 950mm (37.4”)
Flying weight: 950g (33.5oz)
Transmitter: Turnigy T6A-V2 6ch AFHDS 2.4Ghz (Mode 2)
Receiver: Turnigy 6A-V2 6ch AFHDS 2.4Ghz
Controls: 6-Channels (Throttle, Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps, and
Motor: 3025-1000kV Brushless Outrunner
ESC: Aerostar RVS 30A Brushless
Gyro: ORX 3-Axis with 3 selectable modes ( gyro-off, gyro-on, training mode)
Servos: 6 x 9g Digital
Propeller: 10x6
Material: EPO foam
Battery: 1300~1400mAh 11.1V 3S LiPo 25C or more (not supplied)

1 x Durafly Prime Tundra airframe in EPO foam
1 x Turnigy T6A-V2 6ch AFHDS 2.4Ghz transmitter (Mode 2)
1 x Turnigy 6A-V2 6ch AFHDS 2.4Ghz receiver
1 x 3025-1000kV brushless motor
1 x Aerostar RVS 30A brushless ESC
1 x ORX 3-Axis gyro
6 x 9g digital servos
1 x 10x6 propeller
1 x Propeller adapter
1 x Accessory pack
1 x Quick Start Guide

1 x 1300~1400mAh 11.1V 3S 25C or more LiPo battery
1 x LiPo battery charger
8 x "AA" batteries for the transmitter

Please note: A Quick Start Guide manual is supplied with each model, but we highly recommend that beginners to RC flying download the complete building and flying manual which can be found under the "Manuals/Files" tab above.

  • IC/2:Elec Electric
  • Motorsize(diam-or-cc) 30.00
  • Wingspan(mm) 1200.00
  • Length(mm) 950.00
  • HobbyKing Official Video of the Durafly Prime Tundra RTF and PNF
  • Durafly Prime Tundra PT1200 RTF STOL Trainer Review and Flying Review with In-Flight Shots by Painless360
  • Maiden Flight by GBLynden's RC of the Durafly Prime Tundra PT1200 RTF STOL Trainer
  • Unboxing of the Durafly Prime Tundra PT1200 RTF STOL Trainer by Petrincic Bros RC
  • Maiden Flight of the Durafly Prime Tundra PT1200 RTF STOL Trainer by Petrincic Bros RC
  • Unboxing and Building the Durafly Prime Tundra Ready to Fly Stol Trainer with 3-Axis Gyro by JohnVHRC
  • Maiden Flight of the Amazing Durafly Prime Tundra Ready to Fly Stol Trainer with 3-Axis Gyro by JohnVHRC
  • “Turns out, the reasons people love it”Introductory RC Airplane Standard:Durafly Prime Tundra PT1200
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Utbee | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


Jun 22, 2022

Best thing since sliced bread. Will most likely get more in tundra series.

Steven L. | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


May 30, 2022

Elevator servo wouldn’t work from the beginning. Replaced it, flew 3 flights & rudder servo quit. The esc gets very hot (125 degrees) just slow flying. Will have to replace that soon. Prime tundra stickers & paint are peeling off after just 3 flights. Flies ok when it works but overall disappointing

Tundra | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Beautiful plane

May 13, 2022

Beautiful plane I love it

Samuel | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Great second plane

Apr 16, 2022

The prime tundra flies really nice and looks great. Im a beginner and I’m excited at how easy this is to fly. This is my second plane. Super stable and predictable in low rates with the gyro on. It’s also easy to fly in high rates with the gyro off and will do most all of the aerobatics you could want to do. I’ll probably move the linkages to the middle or inner holes to get more throw after I fly it a little longer. The landing gear works great. I was able to take off and land in our rough hay field, especially with the flaps deployed. I did have to bend the gear back in after a full day of hard landings though. No big deal. With full flaps it will fly at basically a fast walking speed.
I’m using a 1600 mah 3S. Center of gravity is good and flight times are on average about 10 minutes. Expect less with a lot of full throttle.
The radio works great for me, especially as a beginner in a rtf. It bound to the aircraft first try and all the axis were set up correct. Love how it already has a throttle cut. Low and high rates.
It went together fairly easy although I think a couple things could be improved. There are quite a few self tapping phillips screws which i feel might get stripped out eventually. You have to be careful not to strip the Philipps heads. Luckily the wings and landing gear have threaded inserts which are the screws you will use the most unless you need to replace some parts. The tail wheel is held on by self tapping screws. Wish this had inserts for changing between rudder and tail wheel.
Other than that it goes together nicely.
Overall it’s a great plane and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I can’t think of a better RTF plane on the market.

Nike | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

The best of HobbyKing

Mar 25, 2022

The best of HobbyKing

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Turnigy T6A-V2 Instruction Manual Download [2]
Durafly Prime Tundra Ready To Fly Instruction Manual Download [14]
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