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Durafly 'Undies' Hobby Suitable Underwear (1PC)

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Durafly 'Undies' Hobby Suitable Underwear (1PC)

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First released over 7000 years ago under the brand Loincloth, underwear has become a must have item for all people, but especially hobbyists. In 1341 BC underwear advanced from a cloth strip into a triangular piece of fabric, somewhat representing the front of the underpants we are so familiar with today. Over the next 2,700 years, underwear has evolved into the engineered piece of clothing it is today, manufactured from a variety of materials including cotton, nylon, spandex and even hemp.

The Durafly Undies range takes underwear to the next level boasting a huge range of performance features. They can be used as yacht sails, tire warmers, prop covers or tackle box.

What makes the Durafly Undies stand out from the rest is that every pair are pre-worn by our very own HobbyKing test pilots for at least one week, ensuring your undies are soft and comfortable. Your Durafly Undies may have been pre-worn by Stuart, Paul, Byron or Chris.

The Durafly Undies are hand crafted by highly skilled engineers and come rock solid right out of the box. These are a must have item for any avid RC hobbyist or seedy pervert.

Waist: 34in
Length: 8in
Flying Weight: 190g 

Waist band
Front Pocket


*Note: Colors and size may vary depending on test pilots mood.

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