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Durafly™ Me-163 Komet 950mm High Performance Rocket Fighter (PNF)

Durafly™ Me-163 Komet 950mm High...

The German Me-163 Komet was the worlds first and only rocket powered fighter. Designed as a rapid response interceptor to combat the US daylight bombing raids, the Komet was years ahead of anything the allies possessed with speeds upwards of 600mp...

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The German Me-163 Komet was the worlds first and only rocket powered fighter. Designed as a rapid response interceptor to combat the US daylight bombing raids, the Komet was years ahead of anything the allies possessed with speeds upwards of 600mph and an incredible rate of climb. The Komet's volatile rocket system accelerated the Me-163 to an altitude of 39,000ft in just minutes from which it then only had 3 minutes of fuel left to attack its targets with its deadly 30mm canons. Once out of fuel it became a glider and very vulnerable to fighter attack when returning to base for landing. Although it can be considered a failure in operational terms, the Me-163 has gone down in history as a truly legendary aircraft of WW2 thanks to its ground breaking design and blistering rocket performance.

The Durafly Me-163 is in itself a truly a ground breaking model. Not only does this Komet feature a fully working scale 'dolly' style undercarriage, blistering performance and a high quality finish, but it is designed out of the box to accept a model rocket engine! In its Plug and Fly (PnF) form, Durafly's 950mm (37.5") span Me-163 comes with all electronics pre-installed and ready to hook up to your choice of 6ch receiver. A minimal part count allows assembly to be completed in just a few steps. The molded EPO has a highly detailed surface finish externally, carbon reinforcement internally and features a color matched hard plastic belly skid. It also has good access to all electronics via the battery/canopy hatch, excellent cooling through out and of course a very authentic looking scheme. Quality is definitely the name of the game.

Designed for pilots with some experience, Me-163 benefits from incredible flight performance and stability throughout the speed range. Full power climb outs, virtually unlimited vertical, huge loops, blistering rolls and very fast passes are easily had at full throttle. Slow the Me-163 down and she's just as stable and has no hint of a stall. Using the recommended 2200mah 30-65C 3S lipo and supplied 6x4 prop, you can expect flight times well beyond 6 minutes and with excellent performance throughout. If you are looking for a lighter set-up, the Durafly Komet is equally happy on a 1300mah 3s, especially at lower speeds.

For those of you looking for the ultimate scale experience, the optional rocket system is a simple drop-in affair (see manual for details), and will give you a thrill like no other. The working dolly-drop is activated at the flick of a switch on your transmitter, allowing for the most scale of take-offs.

Durafly have taken EPO scale models to the next-level with the Komet, and have put you firmly in the pilot seat with the new Me-163.

• Scale and fully functional dolly style undercarriage
• Ready made for drop in optional rocket motor system
• High level of pre-assembly and minimal part count
• Tough EPO construction with extensive carbon reinforcement
• Super smooth surface finish
• Stable and high performing aerodynamic design
• Large canopy/battery hatch for easy access to electronics
• Authentic and re-applied decals and paint finish

Wingspan: 950mm (37.4")
Length: 585mm (23')
Flying Weight: 800-850g (28-30oz)
ESC: Durafly 40A brushless ESC
Motor: Durafly 2836 2200kv Outrunner
Prop: 6x4 (2 included)
Servos: 2 x metal geared 9g (aileron/elevator) 1 x 9g rudder
Controls: 6 ch 'Elevons' (aileron/elevator), throttle, rudder, gear (dolly), optional rocket switch.

Your Own 5-6ch Tx/Rx with elevon/delta mixing
1300-2200mAh 11.1v 3S lipo battery (30C min)

Turnigy receiver controlled switch (9107000266-0)
C6-0 (18mm) class rocket motor from local supplier

Due to the size of the box, it is recommended that you order this model separately from any other large parts so as to avoid higher shipping costs.


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Sehrschön deteilgetreues Modell. Es ist sehr gut für den Transport verpackt.

Der zusammenbau ist recht einfach und gut beschrieben.
einfach ein sehr schönes Modell.
This is a fun plane to fly. The set up was very easy. Trimming is minimal once your airborne. I painted my wing tips yellow for better visibility and I love it. Parts are easy to get from Hobby King. I recommend this Komet.
Bought this when on special at $50.00us. What a waste of money. have been caught for the last time with these "rocket ships" and Durafly models in general. This thing flys very fast and when you slow it it falls out of the sky. Mine lasted 2 circuits of the field. Only good thing was maybe salvaging the servos esc and motor ( although it has a bent shaft).
No I personally did not fly it but our club top gun did and he had big issues with it. CofG as stated is only possible with the battery way forward of where the instructions say it is and with the big hole there you can't get sufficient velcro in place to hold the battery. Not very happy as I could have thrown the $85.00 up in the air and let the wind have it..
Model arrived well packaged and required very little work to complete. Only fault I found was the rudder servo arm being well off centre. A bit of nuisance to remove arm and reset to 90 degrees but everything else went together well. I would avoid fitting attached accessories such as the cockpit aerial as they are likely to get damaged in transit and even more likely when flown. First flight was a hand launch and quite exciting to say the least. The suggested 40mm on the flying surfaces is way over the amount required. 20mm on the aileron and elevator makes it far more manageable. I used 40pcnt exponential on these surfaces as well but tastes vary. At full throttle on a 2200mah 35c she flies very fast and care is needed to keep orientation so fly fairly close until you get familiar with the shape. G of G is critical so make sure the measurements provided are adhered too. My first flying wing but no problems flying it. Overall a nice model and a change to the usual WWII types.
Die Me fliegt super. Aber Achtung, sie ist eine kleine Zicke beim Start. Am besten gelingt dieser, wenn die Höhenruder ca. 3 mm über einen Schalter nach oben gestellt werden. Dann muss man sie nur rechts halten und nach ein bis zwei Metern gerader Rollstrecke Vollgas geben. Nach ca. 30 m hebt sie dann alleine ab. Wird zuviel gezogen, saugt sich das Modell regelrecht am Boden fest, ein Start ist unmöglich!
ACHTUNG: Wie üblich sind sogar die angegebenen Minimalausschläge deutlich zu groß. Vor allem das Querruder ist sehr empfindlich.
Arrived in good shape - easy to put together, the rudder pushrod was too long - could be the servo was put in wrong way around, but a pair of pliers made the right bends in the rod and all is well. The landing gear servo rotates a plastic cover to disengage the magnet that holds the gear in place, it stuck in the disengage position - but that is ok, the gear should fall away as soon as the model clears the ground anyway. fit and finish flawless. Good job Hobby King !
Very nice plane, I fly with Turnigy 3S2200 30-40C lipo stock.
Plenty of power and easy start on grass.
Very happy with plane, CG is as in manual 205mm.
My alerons are level with wing not as in manual with a little reflex.
Grts Hans
This is a great model !! It flies as if on rails, it's pretty fast, but slows down nicely to land while staying stable all the time. As a couple of other people said, reduce the throw on the ailerons, it's fun to see it roll very fast, but most of the time it comes out inverted or something. Put the 2200mAh 3s battery at the spot they say in the video and the CG is spot on. Don't use the CG in the manual, it's wrong !
what a plane , great packing nice box and every thing worked straight out of the box, ready to fly in 30 mins , and wow did it fly. little bit of trim and it fly's like its on rails, I now have a windy day model as 15 to 20 mph winds are not a problem for this model . I hand launch as my field is a bit rough so full power and launch up at about 45pcnt and it just pulls its self in to the air . flown this model at least 20 times in two weeks and its now going to be my fun model when ever I fly it will be with me, for 70 I might get a spear would hate not to fly while waiting for glue to dry if I crash it ..
The Komet is a beautiful scale plane. It flies great but when you slow it down enough it will stall on you. I actually crashed it on my first flight with it because I slowed it down a little to much and it sank on me. (I have the first flight and crash on youtube: I also have it with the rocket engine on youtude.) Over all I really like it and it is worth the money. The rocket engine is a lot of fun too.
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  • Durafly™ Me-163 Komet 950mm High Performance Rocket Fighter

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