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DYS D800 X4 Professional Multi-Rotor Package For Aerial Photography And Heavy Lift (PNF)

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DYS D800 X4 Professional Multi-Rotor Package For Aerial Photography And Heavy Lift (PNF)


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The DYS D800 Series is a very unique variant of your common carbon tube typical multi-rotor frames, with unbelievable features and versatility.

The D800 comes prebuilt and ready to add your flight controller and camera package, the center frame has twin battery support platforms, provisions for all your flight controller and FPV gear as well as some very unique features. The included power distribution board is all wired up and even has full FC output PWM signal support to the very unique gold plated cam lock quick release arms.  The lower plate supports the all CNC aluminum housing, screw type retractable landing gear. The construction is all metal and carbon leaving no chance for failure/damage or wear in a demanding professional application. One of the most unique feature is how quickly it can be broken down and reassembled with its quick release cam lock arms. The arms are fully removable v.s. just foldable, and has gold plated self-aligning power and signal connections, this feature allows the 800mm multi-rotor to fit in a 410x280x190mm box! This makes transporting this class multirotor un-parallel to others.

The D800 comes pre-assembled with 4114 400kv motors, 40A HV ESC’s, Electric screw type retracts and is all soldered up and ready for your flight controller to just plug in. The DYS D800 is truly a work of art aesthetical as well as functionality… and inspires you to get out, and journey to new places with new shots and a new view…. Waiting to be shared with others.

• Quickly can be broken down or assembled for easy transport or deployment
• Gold Plated self-aligning connections with cam lock quick release O-ring sealed arms
• Pre-built and ready for your Flight controller and camera package
• 4114 400KV motors, 40A HV ESC’s and carbon props pre fitted and configured
• Electric screw type retractable landing gear
• All metal and carbon construction
• fits easily in a 410x280x190 Box
• Can be upgraded to a X8 configuration

Frame: D800-X4 quick disconnect design
Wheelbase: 800mm
Motor: BE4114/400KV
Propeller: 1555
Landing gear: Retractable automatically
Total weight of frame: 2.8KG (including motors, ESCs, Propellers and flight controller set, without battery)
Battery: 6s Lipo with 10000 mAh
Flight time: 15min
Maximum payload: 6.5KG

D800 X4 frame
4114 400kv motors pre-installed x4
40Ahv ESC pre-installed x4
Electronic retractable landing gear
15x5.5 carbon props x4
PDB and retract manager 

  • DYS D800 X4 Quad
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scott | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Dec 05, 2014

I love this Quad, it came sooner than expected and I was shocked to see the size of the box it came in.the fit is perfect and had the frame together in under 5 minutes.Did NOT come with a schematic and as of yet can not find one on-line.Can't wait to see x-8 conversion parts for it. (Or any parts for that matter)the fit of parts are perfect and in a very compact pkg

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