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EDF Ducted Fan Unit 7Blade 5inch 127mm

EDF Ducted Fan Unit 7Blade 5inch...

EDF Ducted Fan Unit 5  7 Blade
Blade Diameter: 127mm / 5inch
Outer Case Diameter: 135mm
Wall Thickness: 3mm
EDF Length: 98mm
Motor Mount Holes: (Adjustable, from 22~37mm)
Blade Type: 7
Shaft Size: 6mm

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EDF Ducted Fan Unit 5  7 Blade
Blade Diameter: 127mm / 5inch
Outer Case Diameter: 135mm
Wall Thickness: 3mm
EDF Length: 98mm
Motor Mount Holes: (Adjustable, from 22~37mm)
Blade Type: 7
Shaft Size: 6mm
This fan will take up to a 49mm diameter motor.

Made from high strength reinforced plastic.
Spare propellers available.
Designed for a range of electric motors around the 540 size.

Recomended Motor: 45-70  Turn (22.2v)
ESC: 120A
Rpm: 1,000kv
Power: 1500~5000g Thrust


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Just got mine and did some testing on it it is indeed a good EDF for the price of that size no question about it .But i wish Haoye Co could make the front motor housing much more thicker more material added then it would be strong enough to handle the rite motor for bigger jets .Overall rating is only for that motor housing other wise it could be all 5 crowns .
This is by far the toughest test on this EDF!!! 2, turnigy t600 1100kV brushless motors stack in series with a 9S pack at 15000mhA. After spending two hours to perfectly balancing the rotor it was ready for the static test. A custom made cage was made to put the two motors together and mount them on the EDF case. The result 14.3 !!! Lbs or 6.5Kgr of static thrust !!! at close to 5500W. No heat issues, fully loaded for 10 min.
Here we ago again with an old "friend" This EDF is always a good value for money and here is why!: My latest try was with a kbl1000KV motor at 10S. I have spent hours on balancing rotors so this was easy. The results were more than I would have expected. 11lbs of static thrust! I bet with an outer ring will go over 12lbs.
The biggest plus on this fan is, that it is very light.
Using a Scorpion 4035 560 KV you get 5,5kg at 78 A on 12s
However the axle needed to be redone in steel and the plate for the Motor mount reinforced with carbon
Tested this fan with Leopard 4092 700kV
The motormount is weak, so I made an an alluminium motorframe and inserted it into tube
This fan eat a lot of power - do not use weak motors!
Tested this fan with Leopard 4092 700kV (rated 4100 w)
on 9S I've got 5500 gr at 96 Amp - very good!
on 10S - 6500 gr at 95 Amp at half of trottle - too much load - over 4000 kW
it will be nice to have 550-600 kV 4000 w motor for this fan
Do you guys think this EDF could power a large scale foam glider I'm making of the space shuttle with over sized wings
"8 ft. wing span". Should be about 10 lbs. without motor. Am wondering if this EDF with the KB45-11XL motor and a 100 amp esp would be enough power or would I need two of these EDF. With motor etc. it will be 12 or 13 lbs.

Also whats the best Motor ESC battery setup for the fan.

Thanks for your help.
I see all you guys ,putting this thing on the bench and test . without knowing that all these fun are design to put right int your foamy so it can be securer and run without vibe .These fan are not like the old fan with 90duct fan eng and fiberglass planes that had no foam to cover the whole fan.So do us all a fave and put it in to foam secured .I got no prob with all my fan ,and no i dont do bench test ,i rather fly fly fly baby .lol
Seems nicely moulded and rigid. This thing is quite large. Having problems finding appropriate power system to get the most out of it, any one have experience with these? Thanks in advance:)
esta edf la equipe con motor turnigy t600 880 kv, esc turnigy A-120, lipos (3) 58000 mha zippy y esta instalado en un mirage 2000, peso en vuelo 4.5 kg. Empuja una barbaridad. Lo recomiendo
This thing is pretty cool. The set-screw type propshaft was well-made, fits a 6mm motor shaft, and most importantly, centered. The rotor itself did require some balancing, however. This is definitely made for a FAST model - the blades have very little sweep and are almost perpendicular. Poor static thrust performance compared to the newer HK 102F 120mm fan. Tested using the T600-880 heli motor at 19100 RPM, 30.1V, 95.5A, 2.9kgf static., using 10S A123 cells. However, the T600 is slightly too large to fit into the mount - I had to machine the center larger. A KB XL 45mm inrunner would be a better fit and yield slightly more power.
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