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EDF64 with ADH300 Motor Assembled 252W(4300kv)

EDF64 with ADH300 Motor Assemble...

EDF64 with ADH300 Motor Assembled  252W
This unit has the ADH300 motor, producing more power, yet drawing more current.
If your plane can take a larger battery (2200mAh+) then the ADH300 motor would be a suitable option.

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EDF64 with ADH300 Motor Assembled  252W
This unit has the ADH300 motor, producing more power, yet drawing more current.
If your plane can take a larger battery (2200mAh+) then the ADH300 motor would be a suitable option.

Test Voltage: 11.1~14.5v (3-4S)
Test Current: 16A
Thrust: 540g
Power: 252W
Motor: ADH300L


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Quite a powerful fan with the new motor that is now in this unit, but it does draw nearly 30 Amps so use an esc that will handle that amount of current. the stated 16 Amp is obviously from the previous model. I will be using two of these for an F22 Depron sheet model so it should have a pretty good turn of speed, Maybe two motors is overkill. I can always throttle back a bit!
in just one word ... wow ! it is light , it is powerfull , and it fits very well under an old F/ 15 airplane as spare components , The old boy is back in the air , thanks to this engine :))
tento vyrobok je obzvlast vybornej kvality a som s nim nadmieru spokojeny,a urcite by som ho doporucil aj ostatnym zaujemcom o kupu tohto vyrobku.
Purchased 2 of these edf systems.

test resolts from HK are 16A

Thrust: 540g

Power: 252W at 11.1v-14.5v

Thats wrong

I tested with 7.4v 1000mah got 14a 141w.

Also tested with 11.1v 1300mah got 30.68a 318.4 watt

Tested with 14.8v 1000mah got 30.62a 407 watt.

Tested with 11.1v 2200mah got 31.69a 365 watts can anny one conferm.

I am flying with this EDF in a X-83 flyjet. 2200mah Turnigy 40c battery, Turnigy 9X Tx and Rx, 40amp Sentry ESC and x2 HXT900 servos. Like all other EDF's their is no air flowing over the control surfaces until you have a proper take off speed. There is no lack of power and will keep on climbing at 70deg angle not vertical but hey by the time it slows down when you do go vertical you have to come down any way and when it does, its coming down screaming lol. You may watch my video in the video tab Flyjet X-83 video tab, its the only video on it Theunsie
. 10,6V 30,57Ap (. ) 328,3Wp (. ), 25A 260W. . 40A, . 2200mAh 20C. 3.
Surprisingly powerful!! did a quick scratch build of a Star Wars Pod Racer and was zooming all over the house with it!!! Can't wait to put it into something that can fly...
Just installed the motor/edf combo. The wires out of the motor are really small compared to all other jet motors that I have had. I was worried that it wouldn't get enough power. I installed it and ran it with a 3S-30C-2150 Rhino battery and a 40 amp switching 3 amp bec. It ran VERY powerfully to my surprise. I think it would have flown straight up out of my hands in the middle of my living room if I hadn't been holding it tightly. I haven't flown it yet but I think it will have plenty of power to fly.

Got my EDF two weeks ago and fitted on a DIY foamie. A good EDF for the price. However, the motor heats up with a 3S battery just after 30-40 seconds of flight. Thrust is around 450 grams with a 3S battery. The unit is well balanced and for the price given, its a good bargain.
this EDF unit delivers a nice and powerful thrust, it will fly very nicely any 64mm size foamy, just use a good quality ESC and a good Battery(turnigy nano tech) and you'll be amazed.

test bench it and here are the results: 3S: 12.20V, 13.1A, 160W aprox. 370g thrust aprox. 3.00 g/W aprox.

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