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HobbyKing Estrella Sport/Aerobatic Plane 50E Balsa 1500mm (ARF)

HobbyKing Estrella Sport/Aerobatic Plane 50E Balsa 1500mm (ARF)


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A low wing sport plane with style and grace, the Estrella Sport 50E is an electric or nitro powered plane that anyone can enjoy.

The Estrella arrives almost ready to go.  It just requires final assembly and equipment installation to get airborne.  The all balsa airframe is strong and light weight and is beautifully covered in a multi-colored plastic film. The aluminum landing gear, fiberglass wheel pants and matching cowl round off the model providing a clean and crisp finish that is striking both on the ground and in the air. This is one seriously good looking airplane!

But its not just about looks with the Estrella, the large ellipitical shaped wing and its light weight give the model excellent slow flight characteristics and with plenty of power on hand the full range of aerobatics are also easily performed.  This model can literally be flown to anyones level of expertise.

If you're looking for a sport plane with classic lines and looks as well as great flying performance then the Estrella Sport 50E is for you.

• Almost ready to fly - add your choice of electronics and power plant then complete final assembly!
• Light weight balsa and plywood airframe
• Aluminum landing gear with fiberglass wheel pants
• Pre-painted, color matched fiberglass cowl
• Large wing area and overall low weight
• Classic lines and easy to see colors
• Complete hardware packagine including fuel tank, spinner, and motor mount

Wingspan: 1500mm
Length: 1322mm
Flying Weight: 2.5- 3kg

Required: (Not Included)
6-channel radio or greater with compatible receiver
Digital Sport Servo (5 for gas version or 4 for EP version)
6-inch Servo Extension (2)
Servo lead Extension (2) for receiver to aileron servos

Recommended Electric Set-Up (Not Included)
Turnigy G46 Brushless Outrunner 670 KV G46-670
Aerostar 60amp electronic speed controller with 5A BEC (2-6S)
Turnigy 4000mAh 4S 30C Lipo Pack
Propeller 13x8

Recommended Nitro Motor (Not Included)
.56~.50 2-Stroke, .60~.80 4-stroke, 



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It took me a year to finally buy the Estrella, but I'm glad I finally did. Very good build quality, however, one of my ailerons was so badly warped, that I had to make an oven from a long tube, and used hot air injection from a blow dryer to soften and twist the aileron straight..... this took 3 attempts, but I finally got the twist out of it.
My setup is 4S 3300mah 60C-120C Turnigy "Heavy Duty" Lipo, 70A Opto ESC, the cheap Big Donkey motor (820kv) ...
I don't recommend this motor unless your build is kept under 2.3kg AUW, and you fly moderately, if you're the pilot who must fly ball's out most of the time, then get a bigger motor. I find the Donkey gives me good half throttle performance with all the vertical burst speed I need, but I know it's a marginal motor for this plane. (Also, I just burned two magnets off of another Donkey while testing props on a 2.6kg Space Walker!) I'm a fan of the Donkey, (it's Cheap!), I've flown a 3.1kg 60" Yak-55 with them, and they are a great test motor while you wait for your good one to arrive form HK :)
I also use small lipo with the "Turnigy 3 Function Switch w/UBEC, Voltage Display" to provide power to the Rx and servos.
Before I bought this plane, I read about cowl paint mis-alignment, which was worrying, but I found that by correcting to the proper downthrust angle, the cowl fit and aligned perfectly, also fixing the nose's aesthetics, giving the Estrella the look it deserves. One other thing worried me, the short undercarriage! I like big props, so I used the boxed undercarriage as a pattern, and cut new, longer undercarriage struts from an old Dell Alienware PC side cover :) ..... extending the undercarriage length by 30mm, giving the model a much better stance on the ground, looks great, and allows up to a 15in prop, though I have settled on a 14x7in prop with the donkey motor I have fitted.
One surprising thing about this plane, with it's eliptical wing, you start thinking of the Spitfire design similarities, but there is a surprise here, it's not the Spitfire, but the early P-47 Thunderbolts that the flying surface profiles are modeled after, even the vertical stab is practically identical to the P-47, check it out in my uploaded pics here in the uploaded files section!
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verified_user Quality
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I mean not to have received the entire contents of the package.
In my opinion something missing hardware, such as wheels, spinner, hinges and what otherwise should be to complete the plane.
I enclose a picture of the extracted airplane.
And a picture of a kit accessorie, perhaps missing in the package.
Am I wrong.
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verified_user Quality
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nice model, goes together well, everything fits together easily, very nice quality, very smooth to fly with no stall, reccomended power set up is perfect.
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verified_user Quality
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The Estrella is a great looking airplane. My major complaint is that the "manual" (on a mini CD) has many incomplete or missing points necessary for the construction of the Estrella. Personally, I used these instructions only occasionally. The steps that have a photo would benefit greatly with larger and better defined photos to clarify the descriptive narrative. The pre-cut hinge slots on the wings are off center requiring me to cut new slots on center and in line.

Would I buy another one? ABSOLUTELY!
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