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Long Board Style Electric Skateboard w/Radio System (Wood Finish) (US Plug)

Long Board Style Electric Skateboard w/Radio System (Wood Finish) (US Plug)


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If you are looking for a lightweight, compact and super cool mode of transport this summer then the HobbyKing™ range of electric skateboards are just what the doctor ordered!

Unlike conventional skateboards our range of electric boards require very little effort, meaning the user can concentrate on balance rather than learning to kick off and balance at the same time.

The boards feature many of the components found on high end skateboards such as double jointed steel trucks, concave laminated Maple upper deck, precision high speed bearings, along with a host of the latest electronic features such as variable speed control, ABS braking and emergency brake.

The radio system is compatible with each board within the range but also binds to your specific board, meaning you will have no interference issues from other users at the park!

With maximum speeds up to 20km/h and range of up to 15km, this board will provide hours of effortless fun to get you to and from work or for cruising and carving around your local skate park.

• Powerful ready-to-run electric skateboard
• Perfect for beginners to pro level skaters
• Reaches speeds of up to 20km/h
• Up to 15km Range
• 3-6 hour charging time
• Concave laminated maple upper deck
• Double jointed steel trucks
• Precision high speed bearings
• Variable speed control
• ABS braking with emergency brake system

Battery Capacity: 2x7Ah 24V
Max Power: 250 Watts
Charging Time: 3-6hrs
Speed: ≤ 20km/h
Range: ≤ 15km
Controller: Wireless radio control
Battery Input Voltage: 90 - 250V
Max Load Capacity: 85kg
Transmission: Belt drive system
Dimensions: 940 x 300 x 18.5mm
Weight: 14kg

1 x E-skateboard
1 x Pistol grip transmitter
1 x 9v battery for Tx
1 x User manual
1 x Basic tool set

ATTENTION: Before operating this product check for compliance with your local, state or federal laws. This item is sold for private use on private property only. Safe and legal operation of this product is the owners responsibility at all times. Children should be supervised by an adult.


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I love using this eboard to cruise around the lakefront of Chicago with my drone. The big wheels go over anything in the city including gravel paths. I'm a grown adult at 165 pounds so it's slow going up hills, but it suits me fine for my uses. I've used it in sweltering heat and freezing cold, in the rain and snow and still works fine. It's a little older technology than some of the newer faster eboards, but also much more affordable.
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  • Electric Skateboards with Radio Systems

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