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Flexible Black 0.8kg 1.75mm HobbyKing

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Flexible Black 0.8kg 1.75mm HobbyKing


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HobbyKing 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm Fexible 0.8KG Spool (Black)

HobbyKing have come out with a huge new range of 3D Printer Filaments at prices that will have you printing all day and all night.

The range covers PLA, ABS, Flexible, Color Changing, Luminous, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Acetal (POM), Metal Composite and even a water soluble filament for printing molds. So there is a filament for every project you have in mind. HobbyKing filaments have a stable melting point, good round shape and most importantly a 0.01mm uniform diameter tolerance for a consistent flow rate.


Flexible filament allows for repeated movement or impact without cracking. Applications include seals, plugs, gaskets, leveling feet and protective applications.

3D printing is a fun and exciting hobby with a wide range of uses from prototyping parts to making toys for the kids. Picking the right filament for your application is very important.

• Stable melting point
• Good round shape
• Uniform diameter tolerance 0.01mm
• Consistent colors

Filament Material: Flexible
Melting Point: 200°C
Print Temperature: 200-210°C
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Quantity: 0.8KG
Color: Black

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Björn | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
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  • Value


Dec 26, 2019

Prints perfect at 210 degrees C in my Ender 3-Pro. flexible with do not stretch..
Nice color and finish.

Sean | Verified Buyer

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  • Quality

Great results on ender 3

Jun 10, 2019

Printing with ender 3 220/40. Sticks no problem prints great. layers stick perfect. I use this for RC truck parts and tires strong and flexible. Parts take a beating. Probably my favorite filiment. I still use retraction and support with no issues.

Plastic Printer | Verified Buyer

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3D Filament

Jun 06, 2019

All of the 3D printer Filament I have bought from Hobby King has given very good to excellent results. I have not been disappointed yet! Be sure that you follow the general guidelines for printing with Flex Filament it sticks supremely well to the build plate and can damage the coating if you don’t use a glue stick or blue tape to act as an easy release barrier... so learn from my experience and read the Blogs!

jussi | Verified Buyer

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works well if you need only lilte flex

Apr 28, 2019

Well not the most flexiple filament for sure maybe 95a-98a not sure but not ninjaflex anyway..

Kit | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
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  • Quality

Strong, flexible, not stretchy, prints easy but needed dehydrating

Aug 06, 2018

Quite a good filament. Not very elastic (stretchy) but is quite flexible - great for gopro mounts for drones which is what I bought it for. My roll had a lot of moisture in it even though it was vacuum sealed with a bag of silica gel, so my prints came out quite rough. I dried it in a food dehydrator at 60c for 12 hours and it now prints nice and glossy.

Juri | Verified Buyer

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  • Quality

Easy to print, super strong

Mar 19, 2018

This is a relatively easy to print flexible filament. It's not all that elastic, but the prints are very strong. Excellent for making cell phone cases, for instance. Printed thin, it is quite flexible, so for instance a single wall print is very squishy. At 2-3 walls, I woudn't call it soft anymore, but it has a good amount of give. I'm getting true black high gloss prints.
Just this weekend, I was making cosplay armors props. I was amazed that I could print durable armors with a single outside wall and 5% infill. I didn't want the glossy finish, so I used a rubber spray paint. I'm very pleased with the results. A complete shoulder armor for one side used just 56 grams of filament, including some support structures that I had to use!
Highly recommended as an affordable semi-flex print material.

Dwnld | Verified Buyer

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Good flexible filament for low price

Mar 04, 2018

Great value.
I have one complaint about quality: color of the filament is more like dark grey after printing. So if you happen to use two brands, be aware that their colors are not the same even when sold as same color.
Printed part seems to be both flexible and strong (tested as RC car tyres, used on snow and ice).
I approve this filament, if you don't really want that black color for your print.

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