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Flycolor Raptor-S Tower w/ F3 30A 4in1 ESC (F3/OSD/PDB) for X Racing Frame

Flycolor Raptor-S Tower w/ F3 30A 4in1 ESC (F3/OSD/PDB) for X Racing Frame


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Flycolor Raptor-S tower is an outstanding combination of F3 Flight Controller, Power Distribution Board and four 30A speed controllers packaged in a two-tier PCB setup. The intergraded connector between the boards provides for more stable performance. The tower package comes in a lightweight 20 grams and overall dimensions of 41.5 x 36 x 15.1mm making it ideal for drones from 130 to 330mm wheelbase.


The FC comes with a built in OSD providing current and voltage information straight to your screen, making it easier to monitor your flight. Large solder pads are provided on the edge of the lower ESC PCB making it easy to connect up your battery, motors and other peripherals that need power (eg. VTX and FPV camera).


The ESCs use BLHeli-S firmware which is designed for superior performance in multi-rotors and uses hardware generated motor PWM for smooth throttle response and silent operation. Multishot / Oneshot125 / Oneshot42 / DShot150 / DShot300 / DShot600 protocols can be used.


This combo package provides an easy way of setting up your racing drone.


• Two-layer structure
• Integrated 4 in 1 30A ESC, PDB and F3 Flight controller and OSD
• Integrated 5V/1A, 12V/500mA for Image transmitter, camera, buzzer, LED and other peripheral devices
• Integrated Ammeter for OSD
• Compact and lightweight
• Very easy to install with solder tabs on outside
• Compatible RX protocol: PPM, PWM, SBus
• Powerful ESC controller EFM8BB21F16GMCU, pipelined 8-bit C8051 core with 50MHz maximum operating frequency
• Dedicated high-frequency driver, makes the start smoother. ESC maximum speed is limited to 500k eRPM.
• The USB on the FC can also be used to upgrade the ESC software or adjust the ESC settings
• ESC protected from damage
• BLHeli-S firmware for high-performance motors and smooth throttle response and silent operation
• ESC Analog protocol: Multishot / Oneshot125 / Oneshot42
• ESC Digital protocol: DShot150 / DShot300 / DShot600
• Hardware, cables and silicone power wire with XT60 connector
• Suitable for 170-450mm wheelbase multirotor frame kit, especially for X and Monster DIY frame kit


Model: Raptor-S Tower
Flight Controller: F3 Supports PPM, PWM and SBUS
FC integrated: OSD, 5V/1A, 12V/500mA, Built-in current meter
Continuous current: 30A
Peak current: 40A
Lipo cells: 2~4S
Dimensions: 41.5 x 36 x 15.1mm
Weight: 20g


1 x Raptor-S Tower
8 x M3 nuts
4 x Nylon screws M3 x 12
All connecting cables and power wire with XT60 connector


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playlist_add_check Overall
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Comes with all cables you might need. Only soldering required was motor cables onto well positioned ESC pads, and battery connector ( supplied ). Very pleased with the smoothness and stability it gives the 5in quad, even running at just 2k. I was lucky to find it on offer at 30 GBP, otherwise I would have given 5 for value.
playlist_add_check Overall
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verified_user Quality
playlist_add_check Overall
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verified_user Quality
Was amazingly easy to set up and use, comes with a whole host of cables that work with almost any VTX (and for those that it doesn't work with, you can just use solder your own). The angled motor pads make for a really clean build, and the built-in OSD gives you current readings too without any special soldering required (as is usually the case when you use a 4 in 1 ESC along with a FC designed for individual ESCs).
It's a little pricey for an F3 (would like to see this at the $40-$50 mark) and not a 'true' AIO as there's no VTX and Receiver but personally I'd rather use my own anyways. If you wanted a true AIO you could look at something like the emax magnum but that's double the price, and has a hard-soldered VTX (so no option of swapping that out) - so to me, the raptor S hits the right balance of 'plug-n-play' and customisability.
I'm using this on my 4 inch Tweaker, and I'm extremely satisfied. No oversensitive gyro on this one (*cough* Kiss FC *cough*) so it's hard mounted without an issue, and the OSD was to my taste out of the box. I'm definitely getting another one for my second drone as I'm confident it will just work as I expect. I recommend this for clean builds, as the ESC just plugs into the FC without ugly cables running everywhere.
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verified_user Quality
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