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Folding Carbon Fiber Propeller 17x6 (CW/CCW) (1 set)

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Folding Carbon Fiber Propeller 17x6 (CW/CCW) (1 set)


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These nicely made carbon propellers have been designed specifically for large multi-rotors. They will make transportation much easier by allowing you to fold the blades back to the boom arms, much like transporting an RC helicopter.

Carbon propellers are much stiffer and lighter than conventional type blades which means you will instantly see an increase in performance. These blades are supplied as a set, which means you get 1 pair of clockwise rotation blades and 1 pair of counter-clockwise blades.

Diameter: 17 inches
Pitch: 6 inches
Hub Thickness: 5mm
Bolt Hole: 3mm
Material: Carbon fiber
Weight: 13g (each blade)
Rotation: Clockwise and counter-clockwise

  • Propeller Diameter X(Inch) 17.00
  • Propeller Pitch Y(Inch) 6.00
  • Rotation CW/CCW

Dimension Diagram Guide

  • attributeset-13


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marv | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
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  • Quality


Aug 18, 2019

Bubbles, rough edges, delaminations are visible throughout all blades.

Ola | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Apr 25, 2016

Fair quality I would say. Carbon fibre wrapped plastic props. Got 20 of them and 18 of them had cosmetic flaws. Rather well balanced. Using them on Tarot X6 with tri-blade adapters. Bolt hole on mine were 2.88mm so I had to drill the holes to 3mm to use them.

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