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FPV Fiberglass Pan-Tilt Camera Mount L-Size

FPV Fiberglass Pan-Tilt Camera M...

Specifically designed for our range of board cameras.
Light weight and easy to install. Our HobbyKing FPV mount system is a great way to mount your FPV board camera.
Special included bearings make pan and tilt smooth and bind free....

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Specifically designed for our range of board cameras.
Light weight and easy to install. Our HobbyKing FPV mount system is a great way to mount your FPV board camera.
Special included bearings make pan and tilt smooth and bind free.
Kit includes bearings, screws, ball/socket, threaded rod and pre-cut fiberglass board. Specifically designed for our 1/3 inch sony CCD video camera.
Dimensions: 42x40mm
Weight: 10g
Servo type required: 5~10g

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Die Halterung ist echt super. Wollte erst ein Brushless Gimbal kaufen, aber da ich Gewicht einsparen will ist diese Gimbal eine gute Lösung, zumal ich den Gimbal übers Pixhawk ansteuer. Gewicht incl. Mobius und Sercos nur 100g. Super
Great camera mount for the money. Does what I need it to do. Humm.... need to write more stuff to be long enough for review. blah blah blah. Maybe that's enough.............
It is a musthave for turning FPV camera look around the plane while flying. it is made of FiberGlass, assembly is simple and works fine. 2 simple 9g servos do the job fine. Bye
Fairly easy to put together and very, very strong. I have a large 6mm lense, 70g camera and it moves it around smoothly and with no problem! Bought two for other projects! There is no manual, but as others have said, there is an online step-by-step assembly guide. I used two 9468000001-0 servos. Opened them up and soldered two 2.2k resistors on both POT leads (left and right). Now they turn almost 180 and are still very smooth. WARNING you must know what you are doing if you plan to modify the servos.
pros: it was cheap.

cons: threaded rod had stripped threads on one side, one of the 2 sockets that threads onto rod wasn't properly drilled and the rod wont fit in at all

This is a great little gimbal setup. There are no instructions and 1/2 the screws are useless (I had to hit ACE for a few things to make it work right) but once it went together (which isn't too difficult if you look at the picture here at hobbyking) I used epoxy for the joints and shoegoop for attaching the tilt servo. This is the LARGE size gimbal so if you're going to use it with normal size CCD cams - or the minis - you want the other smaller gimbal. I didn't notice when I ordered that it was 'L size' - no biggie - works great on my tek sumo with v3 blunt mod.
Have this up on my 380mm totem quad copter and use it for FPV flying. When flying a quad I see little use for the pan function so I never install it. But as for the tilt function I wont fly FPV without the ability to tilt the camera. It make high altitude flying so much safer because when descending down you can see where your going. Reason for little use on a quad copter for pan is because yaw control on quads is so responsive and quick if you need to pan just use the yaw control but tilting is invaluable and I would never advise going FPV flying without tilt except on my 250mm racing quad which I dont tilt because it going to fast to mess with a nob to tilt the camera. And for some reason I find a 250 quad easy enough without tilt however with head tracking I would add it.
You get some cheap parts with scres that wont fit, but can be turned into a decent pan&tilt with some effort and glue. You can't expect much for that price though. This one (L-size is slightly bigger than the standard 1/3 cameras)
Product is well packaged, but no instructions were supplied and had to look online for instructions on how to assemble. This is my first pan and tilt and for the price its well worth it and does the job. Screws that hold the ball joints seem to be not strong enough, but a bit of CA on the screw on the reverse side once fitted stops the worry. Once again a good product and will definitely buy it again.
Low quality product .
Drilling in the wrong measure.
Components with threads in the wrong measure.
I do not recommend.
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