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FPV Fiberglass Pan-Tilt Camera Mount

FPV Fiberglass Pan-Tilt Camera M...

Light weight and easy to install. Our HobbyKing FPV mount system is a great way to mount your camera.
Kit includes bearings, screws, ball/socket, threaded rod and pre-cut fiberglass board.



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Light weight and easy to install. Our HobbyKing FPV mount system is a great way to mount your camera.
Kit includes bearings, screws, ball/socket, threaded rod and pre-cut fiberglass board.
Dimensions: 36x28mm
Camera Mount plate size: 28x26mm
Weight: 8g
Servo type required: 5~10g

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I bought this for my smaller fpv camera and it is working fine. Maybe a little fragile, but also very lightweight... No instructions, but not too hard to assemble. Bye
Great little unit, works well stabilized on my 250 racer. camera on the front and micro servo on the back. Only wish it was half a mm thicker.
o man, ssssssssssssso cheaps, O o o o o it works too
It is a "NO-Brainer" to by this product. It really it is great. Lightweight, strong, and inexpensive. It needs to be used with a small camera though. It is a sturdy, well designed little pan/tilt.

Maybe this vid link will work, maybe not.
<iframe width="450" height="250" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Great product!

I definitely recommend to use some glue when putting it together! Else it works great!
I bought this one and should have bought the L sized one and I now have both. No instructions but all that I needed was the picture and I figured it out, pretty basic to me. Most people whining about lack of instructions baffle me as to how they get along in this hobby think about how many things in RC don't come with instructions the vast majority it is a builders hobby a person who can work with their hands and build a solution and maintaining the RC gear is part of the fun and challenge. So you will be able to figure it out I hope. If not god help us because China has all the builders.

Anyways to the product it is so simple and that's the point. It is light and that's what I care about. You won't find a lighter stronger Pan-Tilt anywhere period. I turned this into a pan tilt search light with 5 10 watt 900 lumen leds for search and rescue so people can see it and I can see them if it's dark.
Scews dont match holes, pan servo can not be mounted since holes don't align with servo adaptor. Price is good, but for an item that does not work, well, any price is too high.
cheap but good quality, i used it to add the fpv kit on my quad
I really like this small pan and tilt mount. It is quite difficult to assemble, the small black screws are really difficult to screw in. If you have the patience to get it right the final product is very nice. Combined with a small camera you can get a very small pan and tilt camera setup.
Good quality and low cost gimbal you can ever get on Earth!
Quite easy to install and mount.
I would recommend getting a pair of these...
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