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FPV Racing Drone PDB with OSD BEC for Naze32/F3

FPV Racing Drone PDB with OSD BEC for Naze32/F3


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This multi function FPV Drone PDB For your Naze32/F3 flight controller has been engineered to provide racing performance and reliability. Enabling a crisp, solid power supply to your choice of ESC's and also supplying power in and out for cameras, transmitter LED's etc.

Power from can be supplied from a 2S to 6S LiPoly battery and supports On Screen Display (OSD) to show Volts, Amps, Timer & RSSI.
OSD supports MWODS firmware like Cleanflight, Betaflight & Baseflight.

This is a bulletproof PDB with OSD for your FPV Racing drones.

• Power distribution board+ 5V/12V BEC+OSD
• Support 2-6S input voltage
• 2oz copper foil, 4 layer boards to secure the base of large current
• Dual BEC, 5V/12V
• OSD function, support KVteam MWOSD firmware, comes with FTDI
• Supports OSD features such Basic Volts, Amps, timer & RSSI.
• 36 x 36mm size, same installation hole as Naze32, CC3D, SP3

Input voltage: 5-24V DC (2-6S LiPoly)
BEC: 5V/2A & 12V/2A switchable
Maximum distribution current: 70A Constant, 100A Burst
Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 4mm
Mounting holes: 30.5 x 30.5mm M3 (Standard)
Weight: 7.3g


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this is basically clone of MXK PDB with OSD from BG, its cheaper too, works nice, it indeed have OSD built in, but be carefull when mounting it, one tiny capacitor is way to close to the screw hole (at VID IN contact) and if u tear it off like I did you will lose VID IN signal from camera.. luckily I was able to find and solder new one :) and now its working again :) also both voltages for cam and VTX are set to 5V but you can change those to 12V if needed by soldering together different contacts together, look for MXK board for more detailed info
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verified_user Quality
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I recently purchased this board and the I must say the wire layout is nuts!!! Should have been 6 pads or 12 pads labeled /- beside each other , not 1pad for 3wire all( ) VCC and another pad for (-)GND then switch them on the other side of the board to GND and VCC. Next no easy way to access OSD menu or even away to tell you how to connect with FC. Next a manual would be nice as to tell you not to hook up wires to the VCC/GND on the Vout ports if your using a vtx that has it's own power cable and feeds the camera power also.
I got the set to work without plugging in the power lead for the vtx I let the V/out port power the vtx. Strange thing when I plug battery pack in to PDB board Vtx power all the way on. If anyone is using a V2 cricket from Rmrc don't plug the vtx in to the PDB board while using all the V/out ports as both V/in and V/out provide power. I think I need to plug the power lead wires into the V/out port so It can power the vtx and I get to turn it on and off when I choose. As of now when I power the board the v2 cricket turn all the way on (green light) and that's not suppose to happen. I will attempt this soon and hopefully figure out how to get the both boards talking to each other as far as battV / timer / and flight mode. I will post again soon once I work the kinks out!!
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