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FrSky Receiver antenna 60 cm

FrSky Receiver antenna 60 cm

FrSky Receiver antenna 60 cm


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FrSky Receiver antenna 60 cm


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Its really satisfying to put these antennas way out on either wing or your craft. I have noticed slightly better and more reliable connection in the places i previously didn't have the best connection. I think this is maybe because the diversity on most FrSKY recievers in now used better with more antenna seperation. Easy to install. Good product
Wenn der Empfnger weit in den Rumpf des Segler Hinein muss. Ist das Super. Aber beim Tausch nicht vergessen. Stecker mit Heiskleber sichern !!!!!
long enougt for my fpv setup.
Good product.. antena 60 cm,, very accurate
5 star. To a glider plane.
2.4 ghz antenna is very useful for the repair of
do not match the picture of the product, has the ends with heatshrink to protect the tube and the extension wire, which form the dipole. Very good quality, I use to stay closer to the wing tip, away from other electronics.
Excellent antenna to extend the possibilities for mounting in helicopters with carbon fibre frames etc. Easily routed to pretty much anywhere to get into an open air position. Excellent quality.
Best way to ensure a good reception is to fit at least one long antenna and put it way down the fuse away from everything else. I`ve been using this system for 3 years and never had a single loss of signal problem.
i grabbed a couple of these to add to my FrSky rx on my 42pcnt extra just to get rx antenna away from the ign and "noise" good bit of "failsafe"
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