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FrSky USB Cable

FrSky USB Cable

FrSky USB Cable. Compatible with FrSky Receivers.


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FrSky USB Cable. Compatible with FrSky Receivers.


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I just got this to flash my D4R-II to the 27ms firmware, and it worked great. Just the ticket.
nice to have and easy to modify for X8R etc. updates
This cable is useless, use the "FrSky USB-2 (1 set) Upgrade Cable for DHT-U". Otherwise good.
I updated my FrSky Taranis Plus (X9D) internal XJT radio module and my X8R receiver with the brand new firmware XJT and X8R_150115 from, note that you have to flash both, your radio and your receiver(s) or you can't bind!

You will also need a FUC-3 cable or build yourself one as described in the FrSky

update How To, the drivers from FrSky homepage for the FrUSB Cable and the SmartPort Update Software "SPORT".

The How To is not complete, only connect FrUSB first with FUC-3 AND THE READ CABLE REMOVED for X8R, install the drivers if you haven't, start the SPORT-Tool and select the X8R firmware.

When "searching device" is displayed, reinsert the red wire in the FUC-3 (scary, I know, but only this works!) and you are ready to go, watch the light show at X8R until progress bar has finished and says "successfully". Now for your radio, start switched off, remove the red wire from FUC-3 and replace it with the black ground wire and connect it to the PINs for the external XJT module in the back of your radio, put the connector on the bottom 3 pins so that the yellow wire sits on the last pin no. 5 and the black on pin no. 4, the red wire will not be connected for XJT. Again, start SPORT-Tool, select XJT radio Firmware, when "searching device" is displayed switch your radio on.

When device is detected, click the button to continue, do not switch the radio off.

Finally, you have to bind your Rx/Tx.

Works great when you know about the FUC-3 and the red (positive
Worked great, did the mod as in the description by frsky, and used it to flash my D4RII with no problem.
I used it to update my d4r-II and I had to used the wire that came with the d4r-II and had to switch the wires around to match. You need to connect the Gnd together, the Tx to Rx and Rx to Tx.
Works just as described great tool to update your Frsky Devices, just updated my DR4- II to the CPPM software, great tool I recommend this tool!
FrSky upgrade cable. Works as I expected, no problem.
It was a bit of an adventure, but I was able to get the 27mS firmware onto my D4R-II's using Windows 7, which is why I bought it...
The supplied cables do not fit the D4R-II, but one of the cables supplied with the D4R-II can be made to work if you switch a couple of wires in one of the connectors. Follow the directions, Tx to Rx, Rx to Tx, Gnd to Gnd.
You will need to download a USB driver, FrSky has the driver listed as a "tool" in their download section.
Be sure that the Com port that Windows has assigned to the USB device is one which you can select in the update program. I had to assign a usable Com port number in Device Manager.
After the hour or so it took me to work through all of that it's all easy peasy, and additional receivers take about a minute including plugging/unplugging cables.
probado y su funcionamiento es lo que dice el fabricante.
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