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Futaba R7018SB S.Bus/2 18Ch FASSTest Telemetry Receiver

Futaba R7018SB S.Bus/2 18Ch FASS...


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The Futaba R7018SB 18 channel FAASTest receiver delivers premier performance for aeromodellers who demand the very best from their equipment.  

The R7018SB receiver features FASSTest (extended system telemetry),  a bidirectional communication system between the R7018SB receiver and FASSTest capable transmitters. The S.BUS2 port enbles the use of telemetry sensors. Telemetry sensors connected to the S.BUS2 on the receiver enables data to be displayed on the transmitter.   The receiver also includes both standard PWM output ports and S.BUS output ports.

The R7018SB also has a Dual Battery System.  Multiple servos can be driven by connecting 2 large capacity 7.4V batteries. Even if the voltage of one battery drops, the other battery allows safe flight because power to the receiver is supplied from the battery with the highest voltage. The use of two batteries extends the operating time of the receiver and provides additional insurance for your receivers operation and safer flight. 

This receiver also employs an electronic switching system with current controlled by an FET circuit. It is an exclusive switch for us only with the R7018SB.  When the exclusive switch is set to ON or is pulled, the power is turned on. 

Simple one-touch binding removes the need for binding plugs to mess with or lose and with two operation modes, normal and high speed.

The dual antenna diversity allows best reception with no signal loss and rubber grommets on the antenna exits helps eliminate stress and fraying of the two antenna wires.

• Proven and reliable FASST 2.4Ghz technology
• Full range Telemetry Receiver
• Dual antenna diversity
• Dual battery operation

System: FASSTest-2.4GHz system(18CH/12CH mode)FASST-2.4GHz system (Multi-ch mode)
Supports: S.BUS2 (Telemetry) and S.BUS port with Linear 16 ch + Digital 2 ch for conventional system receiver
Antenna:  Dual antenna diversity
Dimensions: 2.15 x 1.59 x 0.64 in. (54.6x40.4x16.3mm)
Weight: 1.48 oz. (42g)
Power requirement: 6.0V to 7.4V(Voltage range: 4.8 to 8.4V)
Frame Rates: 6.3ms / 15ms FASSTest (12ch/18ch) 7ms / 14ms FASST (High Speed/Normal)

Futaba R7018SB S.Bus/2 18Ch FASSTest Telemetry Receiver
Exclusive switch