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Futaba T8FG Super 14ch Transmitter w/R6208SB 2.4GHz Receiver (Mode 1)

Futaba T8FG Super 14ch Transmitter w/R6208SB 2.4GHz Receiver (Mode 1)

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1950 g

The 8FG Super has been "Super-sized" with more channels and CGY750 gyro support!

The original 8FG was already the one of the best value 2.4GHz radios available. Now, for the same cost, the 8FG Super offers six additional channels — plus new software with menus tailored to Futaba's super-fast CGY750 gyro. Recommended by Bobby Watts, Matt Botos and Kyle Stacy, it's the first radio that really supports flybarless helicopters. And it's perfect for all other applications, too...a smart choice for ANY forward-thinking flier.

New 8FG Super features.
• Expanded with 14 total transmitter channels — 12 proportional and two switched.
• Included R6208SB receiver's PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) channels support up to 8 standard analog or digital servos — and it handles up to 18 channels when used with an S.Bus system.
• Gyro menu supports 3-axis gyros and is perfectly tailored to the CGY750.
• User menu allows pilots to customize and display frequently used functions.
• VPP (Variable Pitch Propeller) compatibility can be set to three conditions for throttle and pitch curve.
• Swash trim can be adjusted from the swash screen.

Continued from the original 8FG.
• SensorTouch™ programming maximizes navigation ease.
• Numerous factory-defined mixes help you program like a pro.
• Low latency and cutting-edge 2048 resolution combine for fast, accurate Real-Time Response™.
• Accepts 32MB to 2GB SD memory cards* — add as much memory as you want.

• 12 proportional channels
• 2 switched channels
• Integrated FASST 2.4GHz design
• 2048 resolution
• SensorTouch™ programming
• Airplane, heli & glider software
• 20-model internal memory, unlimited with SD card
• Compatible with 32MB to 2GB SD Memory Cards*
• Mode 1-4 selectable
• Customizable user menu
• Direct access to timers, channel mode & model selection
• 2-touch access to system, linkage & model menus
• Assignable switches/functions
• 10-character user & model naming
• Model select, copy & reset
• Data transfer
• All-channel & battery fail-safes
• Sub-trims, servo reversing, dual rates, expo & EPA with separate limit settings
• Digital trims & memory, with step or % display option
• 128 x 64 backlit LCD w/auto-off timer, normal/large timer display options, adjustable contrast & brightness
• Servo cycle w/bar graph displays
• Model & system timers
• Trainer system w/channel/function options
• Sticks w/ball-bearing gimbals, length & tension adjustments
• Stick calibration menus

T8FG Super Transmitter
7.2v 1700mAh NiMH Transmitter battery
R6208 SB 8 Channel Receiver (SBUS)
Receiver switch harness
Neck Strap
Data Port Plug


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received my tx/rx today from hobbyking HK warehouse, this is an excellent price compare to any other retailer. excellent TX compare to my previous Spektrum (I am not saying Spektrum is bad), but this Futaba T8FG is more powerful compare to Spektrum, 154 channels, assignable switches, s-bus, etc. I love this TX so much, I can go way with this TX. Thank you Hobbyking
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verified_user Quality
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Possiedo questa radio da poco e mi sono trovato molto bene, ogni canale e switch assegnabile, molti mix per aereo preimpostati..fantastica 14 canali con anche 4 potenziometri sono perfetti per fumogeni,flaps e qualsiasi cosa abbiate sul vostro modello. Qualit e prezzo senza paragoni in italia. Aggiornata alla versione 5.0 con gli addendum compresi nel manuale in inglese. Caricabatterie non compreso. Possibilit di cambiare i 4 mode con stick libero o a tacchette del gas. Ricevente 8ch con canale sbus compreso! FUTABA il meglio!!!
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verified_user Quality
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This is a fantastic TX for the pilot who wants full control over their RC systems. Every switch/pot/lever/stick is programmable, meaning you can move things around as you please. There are more options on this TX than I know what to do with.

Most people think the sBUS system is a waste of money but it really does clean things up and since an sBUS capable RX comes with this TX, I had to try it out. I use it with a multicopter running AeroQuad code, made a small sBUS library to be able to use the RX to its full potential, and it's incredible how steady the channels are now. Not only that, I went from being able to use 8 channels to 14 in the blink of an eye.

My only complaint is that it takes forever to charge the battery (manual says 12 hrs) - my old Spektrum would charge in an hour. I'll be buying backup batteries soon...
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verified_user Quality
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Hi all! Today I got a Futaba transmitter to store HobbyKing. I fly mode MODE2, as is proposed here only mode MODE1. It's easy to change, in the statement, which comes complete with a transmitter that is well documented. The transmitter looks good, it is already installed version 4.1 software. The charger is not supplied with the transmitter. Immediately recommend to buy neck strap to the transmitter. The shop sells branded HobbyKing neck straps Futaba. Because the one that comes with the transmitter is not very convenient. The transmitter is very comfortable to hold in their hands, they are easy to manage! Included also are various pinch plates stick throttle - airplane, and helicopter version.
The transmitter is manufactured in Taiwan.
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