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Rockstarter Scale Crawler Chassis Kit - 1/10

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Rockstarter Scale Crawler Chassis Kit - 1/10

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Rockstarter Scale Crawler Chassis Kit

The Rockstarter is the perfect foundation for your next scale crawler project.

This is an amazing product with precision machined parts that are finished to a level of excellence that is rarely found in models at this price. It oozes high-quality workmanship that not only makes it a truly superb scale representation of its full sized inspiration, it also gives this chassis the strength and endurance required for challenging crawler courses. You can tell this chassis is the real deal as soon as you pick it up, it's heavy and we mean HEAVY, the chassis alone, without it's steel wheels, body or indeed motor and battery, is a bit over 2kg, it is going to take a lot for this rig to roll over. 

The single speed transmission, cased in a cast metal housing, provides power down to the beautifully finished transfer case and out to the cast metal axles, with realistic half pumpkin covers on the front and rear locked diffs, via machined billet aluminium drive shafts and univesal joints. Nothing in this critical part of any crawler has been left to chance, right down to the steel gears and machined hexes that drive the super heavy steel beadlock wheels that are fitted with a set of tough rock grabbing tires to ensure you get over every obstacle as well as looking the part.

The machined billet aluminum ladder frame chassis not only adds to the overall realism of the kit it gives it strength and and a solid base for the 4 link rear and 3 link front suspension with pan hard bars and shock hoops. The transfer case is packed with scale detail and features a cast metal exterior and heavy duty 32P gears for durability.

This kit is full of little features to make it as scale looking as possible, like the way the servo is kept out of view by mounting it vertically on the chassis so the body hides it or the receiver box that's been made to look like a fuel tank. Paired with a quality 4WD body this chassis becomes a super realistic crawler that will make even the most discerning modeller proud. 

No matter what you build with the Rockstarter Scale Crawler Chassis Kit it will give you the best off-road experience for its class.


• Custom designed for true scale looks
• Realistic aluminum ladder frame chassis
• Old school style 1.9" steel beadlock wheels 
• 1.9” all terrain tires
• Tough single speed transmission
• Center mounted realistic 4x4 transfer case
• Cast metal axles with locked differentials
• 3 link front and 4 link rear suspension
• Full ball bearings
• Half pumpkin style diff covers
• Scale milled steel drive shafts
• Aluminium scale emulsion coil over spring shocks
• Includes 19T 32P pinion gear

Scale: 1/10
Length: 582mm
Width: 221mm
Height: 260mm
Wheelbase: 270mm
Weight: 2450g

Body Kit
Transmitter and receiver
Standard Size Servo
2S Battery

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caessy | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Aug 03, 2016

Chassis unfahrbar ! Achsen 50pcnt Neigung !! Kardans (Transmission) zu Kurz ! Dadurch keine Lenkservo einbaubar ! Link Verstellung auf mögliche machbare Länge viel zu kurz ! Die Links sind generell zu kurz ! Die Verschraubung der Beadlock Felgen passt nicht ! Zöllige Schraube und metrische Mutter´n !! Das passt gar nicht !! Felgen haben ein zu grosse negatives Offset ! Diese schleifen an vordere Achs-schenkel !! Lenk-geometrie kann so nicht richtig funktionieren ! Akkermann Effekt !! Das gesamte Chassis ist eine Fehlkonstruktion, weil falsche Bauteile verwendet wurden ! Rückabwicklung teuer, Rückversand muss man selber tragen !

| Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Jul 02, 2016

Awful assembly: untightened screws anywhere, missing oil, any lubricants, any tread lock.

Wrong caster angle needs to modify links.

The crown is not helicoidal as shown in pictures.

No XVDs.

Damaged front axle housing.

Faulty transmission (bent shaft).

Many faulty rod ends (locked/ distorted/unassembled).

Mountings for servo on frame but missing panard mount and links.

The rest is ok...

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