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NGH GF30 30cc Gas 4 Stroke Engine

NGH GF30 30cc Gas 4 Stroke Engine


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NGH Engines have a well deserved reputation for performance and value, they are purpose made model aero engines, not converted chainsaw types. The ongoing development from NGH makes these some of the best available on the market today.

NGH continue to innovate with this gas 4 stroke engine, you will get all the benefits and sound of a 4 stroke but with the economy of gas. This engine has been designed from scratch and features a Walbro carb, RcXEL ignition, twin roller CNC conrod, twin ringed piston for better compression and is beam mounted with the suppliedparts.

With its striking looks it is guaranteed to turn heads on any flying field.

• Compact and lightweight
• 4 stroke technology
• Beam or traditional radial mount
• Excellent quality and performance

Type: Gas 4 stroke air cooled engine
Cylinders: Single
Displacement: 29.91cc
Bore x Stroke: 36 x 29.4mm
Power: 2.7HP
Crank Type: Forged with dual bearing support
Carburetor: Walbro Custom WT1022
RPM Range: 1600 - 8500rpm
Ignition: Auto advanced RcEXL DC-CDI
Ignition battery: DC 4.8~8.4V 1000mAh recommended
Spark Plug: CM6 RcEXL
Ignition Power: 4.8~6V DC (4~5 cell nimh battery)
Fuel: Unleaded Gas/Oil mix 35:1
Recommended Propellers: 15x10/16x8/17x8/17x10 2 blade
Weight: 1250g with ignition system

NGH GF30 30cc Gas 4 Stroke Engine
Walbro Custom WT1022 carburetor
RcEXL DC-CDI ignition system
CM6 RcEXL spark plug
Custom beam mounts


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This engines design doesn't match the walbro requirements to operate the pulse pump correctly. 4 stroke engines are completely different plumbing to operate the pump, as well, what drives the pump isn't from the crankcase, checkout 4 stroke weed trimmer carb and you'll see they're ran by intake manifold pressure and the carburetor has a spring in the pump to equalize pressure differential.
The engine will run like designed but not the way it's supposed to.
This engine has potential but needs modification to get proper running ability. Runs rich on midrange and causes heavy vibration because of it. Sometimes you can't even get it to idle without running it rich in the midrange needle settings.
Out of the box, it doesn't perform well.
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verified_user Quality
verified_user Quality
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I bought this engine 1 month ago and put it on the test stand. Wow this engine runs super great and the workmanship is out standing! I now have it on my Sig Rascal 110 what a super combo. I like it so much I bought another one. This engine at this price is a super value! I will never look at O.S. or Saito again.
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
Realy nice engine. Good quality, and it runs realy well.
Pulls my blackhorse Pitts S1 no problems at all.
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playlist_add_check Overall
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