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H-King Bonsai II EPP Wing 600mm (24") (Yellow) (PNF)

H-King Bonsai II EPP Wing 600mm (24") (Yellow) (PNF)


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The Bonsai is known for its excellent flight capability and it's one of the reasons they are so popular. You can trickle along at walking pace, fly aerobatic or just see exactly how low 'n' fast you can get away with! The H-King Bonsai II combat wing is made of almost unbreakable EPP foam and comes in a ready to fly configuration. Just add a receiver and battery and go flying. It is set up with mountains of power and performance and will have you screaming in no time.


As the Bonsai II comes in three colors you and your flying buddies can choose a different color and have hours of fun ripping up the sky with some high adrenalin combat flying safe in the knowledge that when the inevitable happens, you can fix it in double quick time!


Add your FPV gear for some extreme, terrifyingly fast, combat action or just a lazy flight around your field. The Bonsai II will meet all your flying requirement and is cheap and easy to build. Get yours now!!!


• Fully assembled. All the hard work has been done for you.
• Includes a powerful V-Spec 1808-2400KV brushless motor for insane speed.
• Includes a 2~4S 18A ESC with XT60 connector.
• Carbon fiber motor mount. Super strong and lightweight.
• Carbon fiber FPV platform. Good for mini size camera with VTX.
• Plug in your receiver and you are ready to fly.


Wingspan: 600mm
Length: 383mm
Flying weight: 100~140g
ESC: 18A with XT60 (installed)
Motor: V-spec 1808-2400KV CCW Brushless (installed)
Servos: 2 x 9g HT (installed)
Propeller: 6040 CW (installed)


Quality hardware
1 x Velcro battery strap
3 x Zip ties
1 x Fiber tape roll
1 x JST plug (for flight packs with JST plugs)


1 x 4 Channel Radio Transmitter/receiver (with Delta wing mixing capability)
1 x 800mAh 2S 25~30C Lipo Battery flight pack
1 x FPV system (optional)
1 x Fast reflexes to keep up with the wing


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I ordered this wing thinking because it is version 2 then everything should be good even better then the first one.
1...Well on the description it says it comes with xt60 connector for the esc in-fact it comes with jst connectors. I HAVE BOUGHT XT60 LIPO's FOR THIS PLANE---thinking that it is what i needed!!!!! SO BEWARE!!!
2... Because the esc has a jst connector and not xt60 the max safe amp that can go through this is 5 amps. Any higher and you could melt the connection ending up in a dangerous crash or fire. The esc is rated at 18amps, with 20% head room that comes to 14.4 amps. A lot more then the jst can provide. If you dont need more then 5-10 amps why the bigger/extra weight for the esc
3. The plane out of the box weighs 152g. This is without the lipo. and more if you add fpv equipment. This is incorrect on their website as 'FLYING' weight you state 100-140g. Another lie.
Come on hobby king get this information correct.
The quality of the wing is great and after i made my changes (xt60 connectors) the wing flys great but i should not have had to do this or be mislead about what i was receiving.
You will enjoy this wing just take note of what i have said.
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playlist_add_check Overall
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I really enjoy this model. It is precise and agile, and has a lot of power.
HobbyKing gets one star off though, for delivering the model with a wrong plug on the ESC (you don't put a 5A JST plug on an 18A ESC), and for stating a flying weight of 100-140g when the model weighs 150g empty (without receiver and battery).
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playlist_add_check Overall
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verified_user Quality
Very Impressed with this one!!! Very good quality build and finish- Looks really nice. My wing came with JST plug on the ESC but even that was a pleasant surprise as all the batteries I have already in this size are JST plug-so perfect!!! All electronics fit like a glove. Highly Recommend!!!
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  • H-King Bonsai II EPP Wing 600mm - HobbyKing Super Daily

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