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At HobbyKing we strive to provide rc pilots with the biggest range of the best props, at the best prices that can be found. We do not just sell any old propellers, we are pilots like you, so we sell the products we would buy ourselves, props that perform without breaking your budget. For rc planes we have wooden props in both laminated and solid timbers, in cheery wood and beech and designed to suit both gas and electric motors, in every size and pitch you could ever want. We don't stop there though, our carbon fiber propeller ranges from Turnigy, TCF and Dynam offers all the precision and strength you expect from CF but without the Formula 1 prices. Timber and CF aren't for everyone though, so we also have a plastic and composite plastic range that is second to none with brands such as Turnigy, AeroStar, Master Air Screw and Tower Pro. Simply put we have an rc plane propeller range that not only covers every possible material, but every model style from aerobatic Extras, to scale warbirds to park flyers, trainers and sports planes to indoor slow flyers and foamies. Planes aren't the only flying machines though, sometimes known as rc drones or FPV racing drones or quadcopters or multi-rotors, remotely piloted un-manned vehicles or UAVs, we prefer to simply call them drones. These highly manoeuvrable machines come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny micro drones, to racing drones that can be anywhere from 150mm to 250mm in diameter, to giant octocopters capable of hauling expensive camera gear (or maybe one-day deliver HobbyKing orders to your door). All of these different machines require different props to keep them flying. So we have drone props from 45mm for the micros, 3, 4, 5 and 6 inches for FPV racing drones and 7 inches right up to 26 inches for serious camera ships. It is not uncommon for drone props to come in many different formats for different conditions, so our range has 2-blade, 3-blade and 4-blade in nearly every size for racers, even 5-blade and 6-blade are available for those who want to push the barriers. The variety doesn't stop there though, most types are available in a rainbow of colours and materials as diverse as ABS, polycarbonate (PC), carbon re-enforced Nylon, carbon fibre and even wood. All this variety means we have a huge number of brands as well, including MultiStar, HobbyKing, Quanum, Gemfan, Lumenier, DYS, DALProps (aka Dal) and Diatone. So whether you are looking for props for your Inductrix, Vortex, Walkera Runner, Quanum Nova, DJI Phantom, Inspire...we could go on for days...we have a range of options for you.
  • Prop Tools & Accessories

    Prop Tools & Accessories
  • All 2 Blade Props (Gas/Electric)

    All 2 Blade Props (Gas/Electric)
  • All 3 Blade Props (Gas/Electric)

    All 3 Blade Props (Gas/Electric)
  • Carbon Propellers (Gas/Electric)

    Carbon Propellers (Gas/Electric)
  • AeroStar Propellers (Gas/Electric)

    AeroStar Propellers (Gas/Electric)
  • Turnigy Wood Propellers (Gas/Electric)

    Turnigy Wood Propellers (Gas/Electric)
  • Master Airscrew (Gas/Electric)

    Master Airscrew (Gas/Electric)
  • Folding Propeller & Spinner (Electric)

    Folding Propeller & Spinner (Electric)
  • SF Propellers (Electric)

    SF Propellers  (Electric)
  • JM Propellers (Gas/Electric)

    JM Propellers (Gas/Electric)
  • Aerostar Composite Propellers (Gas/Electric)

    Aerostar Composite Propellers (Gas/Electric)
  • JXF Poly-Composite Sport (Gas/Electric)

    JXF Poly-Composite Sport (Gas/Electric)
  • TGS Sport Propeller (Electric)

    TGS Sport Propeller (Electric)
  • XR-Propellers

  • Turnigy 3 Blade Sport (Electric)

    Turnigy 3 Blade Sport (Electric)
  • TGY Slow Fly Propeller (Electric)

    TGY Slow Fly Propeller  (Electric)
  • Tower Pro Propellers (Electric)

    Tower Pro Propellers (Electric)
  • Turnigy Wood Slow Fly (Electric)

    Turnigy Wood Slow Fly (Electric)
  • Sports Propellers (Electric)

    Sports Propellers (Electric)
  • Variable Pitch Propeller

    Variable Pitch Propeller
  • Turnigy Glow in the Dark Propellers (Electric)

    Turnigy Glow in the Dark Propellers (Electric)
  • Free Flight Propellers

    Free Flight Propellers
  • GWS Genuine Propellers (Electric)

    GWS Genuine Propellers (Electric)
  • GWS Style Propellers (Electric)

    GWS Style Propellers (Electric)
  • All 4 Blade Props (Gas/Electric)

    All 4 Blade Props (Gas/Electric)