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High-Performance 4 Blade 120mm EDF Unit

High-Performance 4 Blade 120mm E...

This is the BIG one! A quality EDF unit for anyone who is serious about large Scale EDF modeling.
Expect 11lb+ thrust on 10~12S 30C with an 850-1000Kv motor.

Made with 30% FRP and dynamically balanced, this is a performance EDF uni...

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This is the BIG one! A quality EDF unit for anyone who is serious about large Scale EDF modeling.
Expect 11lb+ thrust on 10~12S 30C with an 850-1000Kv motor.

Made with 30% FRP and dynamically balanced, this is a performance EDF unit that produces much more power when compared to other fans of similar size.

Material: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon, Aluminum
Outside Diameter: 129.5mm
Inside Diameter: 120.5mm
Motor size: 52mm diameter max
Motor Bolt pattern: 22~44mm (Variable)
Motor Shaft sizes: 8mm, 6mm or 5mm (3 Shaft adapters included)
Weight: 332 grams 
Rotor: 4 blade (119mm) dynamically balanced
Max RPM: 45,000

While everyone talks about balancing blades, we recommend you focus more attention on ensuring your motor is seated in the middle of the fan, the screws are evently tightened, the collet adapter is pressed firmly and squarely on the shaft and your motor spins true.


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Bought this and the Turnigy 600 37404 910kv heli motor hoping for a light and cheap 120mm edf setup. The fan looks quite well made and strong although I have strengthened the motor mount using carbon fibre because I am using a outrunner it would be taking all the weight unlike a inrunner that can be supported at the back. The rotor was not balanced but this did not take long to put right. The big problem was 6mm shaft adapter was not centred and was not a good fit to the 6mm shaft of the motor. This problem was solved by taking the 5mm adapter to a machine shop and having it enlarged and centred. I have tried 10s on it so far and it was pretty smooth the motor temp was 41.8 c after a 2 min run although the shaft had started to pull its self out because the motor grub screw was not tight enough. Looking forward to trying out 12s and seeing what sort of power I will get.
If you are willing to put some work in I think this can be a good value unit.
Nice fan. Actually a ChangeSun

12S 5000mah 30C, Zippy

120amp Castle (low timing) (180amp Turnigy Delux would not handle it)

Turnigy SK3 Fandrive motor - 3994-850kv (120mm EDF) (sold here)


85 amps, 3500watts and 10.5lbs static thrust

Motor was warm but not hot.

Only reason for 3 star quality - was not balanced like description says.

I wish HK would also sell the 12 bladed version.
The fan housing arrived cracked. 15 days later, Hobby King advised me that they will open an investigation. Personally, I love that their customer support has been off-line for about a month now. The fan housing was cracked and a piece was missing. The funny part was the broken piece was actually not inside the box meaning it was broken before even being placed in the package and shipped to me. I'm still curious to see how long it takes Hobby King to finish their "investigation" but in the meantime, I went ahead and purchased another fan from another source.

The four bladed prop took about 15 drops of CA in order to balance properly. Using the HET motor, I'm getting about 5500 W of power on 12 cells using the 12 s
Nanotech 45c 5000 mA packs. I'm using the 8 mm prop adapter and I was lucky because the prop adapter is actually well balanced and drilled properly unlike most of the reviews so far. I would probably buy another change sun fan in the future, but it will not be from Hobby King. It is well worth it to pay the extra 15 or $20 and buy it from X flight.
I have bought this EDF unit and I have the same problem with the three adaptors.All are running out of centre so the unit is useless if HK does not support us with new adaptors.The real problem is that HK support it's not flexible.They ask me to return the unit back for test or to sent a photo of the faulty adaptors. They did not understand that the photos does not saw anything because the problem is inside the holes of the adaptors. I am from Greece and not from China. If I post the EDF unit back to HK I must pay extra money and I do not know if the new unit that they would have to sent to me could not have any problem. If I knew all these probably I could bought this fan from another source.I am a customer that I have spent a lot of Euros the last three years to HK store and I did not imagine that I would have such a confrontation from them.



Purchased 2 of them. Nop!! they are not balanced and on one of them the 6mm shaft is completely out of center. It almost destroyed the edf. so have to return shaft for replacement. Quality is pretty good, price pretty good. four stars for not being balanced and shaft problem.
The housing: Rock solid and resistant to deformation.Thick and smooth walls with a small (5mm or so) radius inlet.
The rotor: High quality fiber filled plastic that sounds like ceramic when you tap it.
The included shaft adapters: Total garbage.

I had a motor with a 6mm shaft, and the 6mm adaptor was practically useless because it was so off center. The alloy is also extremely soft. Due to this, I was unable to exceed 4 to 5 pound thrust before the shaft vibration concerned me too much. Because the rotor is useless without a good quality adapter, I can't rate this 5 stars. Luckily, I have facilities to machine my own adapters so it may still be salvageable.

Additionally, as a data point: The Turnigy T600 helicopter motor has a mounting hole circle *just barely* too small for the included motor mount. You have to drill the mounting slots out at their smallest point a little, using a 4 to 4.5mm drill bit. Otherwise, the T600-880 seems to be good power matches for this fan. The first test was run on 12S LiFePO4, equivalent roughly to 10S lipo.
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