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High-Quality FBL Flybarless Head for T-Rex and HK450 heli.

High-Quality FBL Flybarless Head...

Flybarless upgrade for 450 T-rex and HK style helicopters.
Includes thrust and standard bearings.
Well machined with tight tolerances.

Direct bolt on for the following;

Align T-rex 450

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Flybarless upgrade for 450 T-rex and HK style helicopters.
Includes thrust and standard bearings.
Well machined with tight tolerances.

Direct bolt on for the following;
Align T-rex 450
We do not suggest using this head with eBay purchased 450 clones unless you upgrade the clone's ball-ends to the correct tolerance balls. Otherwise you will experience head slop.

This kit works perfectly with HK-450 and Align 450 helicopters.

Why so cheap?
This is an in-house designed product & you are getting the factory direct price!

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While it hasn't flown yet it has been dry assembled everything fitting very well and slopless in this set. I have put up a jpeg of the entire package laid out. The feathering shaft is now the same as the V2 shaft 4mm x 44mm x 3mm stepped ends. shims are 8mm x 5mm x.05mm, I have 5 of those. Blade shims are 11mm x 3mm x .03mm. Washers for screw setting grip to feathering shaft are here. Also included but not shown in their picture is connecting rods for swashplate to blade grips. Machining on this set is superb, Radial bearings are smooth running and notchless. Flange bearings are the same. Thrust bearings are separately bagged from the rest as well as from each other. Screws I have a large selection of rcscrewz which I will take the sizes from to use. JPEG is titled what came with the head. I'm very happy with this 12 dollar investment.
If you use a half ton arbor press to install the bearings than the washer isn't needed, fingers aren't enough to seat the bearings the final fractions of a mm. This also preloads the arm when the screw is tightened which makes for less slop. Care must be taken to support the arm at 90 degrees to the standoff while tightening the screw if the arm is skewed while tightening the arm will be "springy" (just undo it and re tighten the screw if this happens)
You need an arbor press (a bench vice would also work) to install the bearings in the upper arms, just using finger pressure doesn't seat them in the last few fractions of a mm and the arms will bind with the screw tightened. If you give the arm a good hard squeeze (hard but not so much that it crushes the part) on the press it fully seats the bearings and no bearing shim is necessary. This also makes for a slightly preloaded arm which greatly reduces or eliminates sideways slop (depending on tolerances). If the bearings are "springy" in a spot it means the arm was tightened onto the standoff while slightly skewed, make sure the arm is 90 degrees to the standoff while tightening the screw and it should rotate freely. You can get them partly tightened and moving freely without fully clamping the head and then put the hub on the mainshaft and tighten it the rest of the way.
Well !
I eventually. Put it together but I had to use other bits from my heli spares.
Must be bits missing.
Apart from that the. Blade grip bearings have play in them !
Also small Allen bolts poor quality.

To be honest, save your money and buy a better one !!.
Sorry hk but come on this isn't what's described is tight tolerances.
Super Umbaukit fr HK 450 Pro (Dmpfergummis fehlen) Fliegt mit dem Beast gleich um einiges ruhiger als mit den Paddeln. Kann ich sehr empfehlen.
The quality of this head set looks good, there are missing rubber head dampers, but i fitted them from old HK head...Would be better to use new ones... It comes with long PRO version feathering shaft... Will use this with long blades 360mm and stretched tail boom tarot 480...
Everyone says this is a great deal, but you really get what you pay for. I spent a couple hours trying to shim the head properly to eliminate the radial play within the grips without success. There is a appalling amount of play. I haven't test flown it yet. I'm guessing it will fly ok with a very mushy cyclic feel because of the head slop. Also, the screw heads seem to be made of Swiss cheese, so take care when applying torque to the screws, they strip easily. Better yet, replace them with better ones. The mixing arm bearings will seize if you tighten them too much, I just thread locked them and used minimal force to tighten. The kit comes with everything except the flap dampers. My advice is to try and find the stiffest flap dampers you can to try and eliminate that slop. Thicker the better. The machining and finish looks decent. However, the quality difference between the RJX head (which I own several of) and this head is apparent. Recommended for the casual helicopter flyer who crashes a lot. Otherwise, for the rest of us who prefer something of quality, avoid this. I'm not sure what I was expecting for the price. However, given the high praise by what I've read on the reviews, I did expect more.
I buy this item and this kit is incomplete. The two rubber bushing is missing !!!!!! In the picture the rubber busingg is missing but this head can work without that rubber bushing.
Purchased this head to try out a cheap flybarless option on a Thunder Tiger Mini Titan.

you have all the parts to swap out with the exception that the mini titan has 5mm blade root at the grips and this only has 4mm.

Easy enough to put together and slots straight onto the mini titan main shaft.

Used lock-tight in all the usual places however, upon spool up, one of the lock arm screws simply stripped the thread on the main assembly and threw itself clear.
Was very lucky I managed to put the heli down with very little damage.

Although it seems to be well built, I would not trust the head as it's clearly built on a budget as the price shows.

Time to put the heli back to flybarred I guess.
Feathering shaft supplied is longer that the align 450 pro one. Binds up if you use the Align. Non standard "big" link balls. You get what you pay for! A poor quality copy of the RJX head.
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