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HK-450TT PRO V2 Flybarless 3D Torque-Tube Helicopter Kit (Align T-Rex Compat.)

HK-450TT PRO V2 Flybarless 3D To...

Our most popular HK450PRO helicopter kit now offered in a flybarless torque tube version!

HK-450TT PRO V2 Flybarless CCPM 3D Electric Helicopter Kit (Align T-rex Compatible). Modeled on the famous and proven Align T-Rex 450PRO V2 F...

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Our most popular HK450PRO helicopter kit now offered in a flybarless torque tube version!

HK-450TT PRO V2 Flybarless CCPM 3D Electric Helicopter Kit (Align T-rex Compatible). Modeled on the famous and proven Align T-Rex 450PRO V2 Flybarless helicopter kit.
Take a close look at the head and tail of this awesome machine. It's ultra light, yet rigid design is strong enough for even the most skitzophrenic of 3D helicopter pilots!

When comparing helicopters, carefully look at the tail and head unit. Our 450PRO V2 Flybarless is FULLY 'PRO' and does not use parts from previous models.

*Now featuring an upgraded metal tail slider and tail slider control arm!

• Newly designed low wind resistance flybarless rotor head assembly with reduced distance between rotor head and frame, effectively lowering the CG for better 3D performance.
• Single piece integrated design of main bearing block and servo mount.
• Single piece integrated design of anti-rotation guide and gyro mount.
• Single piece integrated landing gear.
• High precision flybarless head system.
• Newly designed high resolution swashplate.
• Single piece battery mount with integrated canopy mount designed to bring CG closer to disk plane.
• Highly rigid frame with single piece carbon side and bottom plates.
• Highly efficient shaft driven tail design.
• Weighted tail rotor blade grips to repel centripetal forces.
• Straight-up in-frame alloy rudder servo mount for improved geometry and better CG.
• Newly designed aerodynamic canopy.
• Newly designed high strength main blade grips.
• Upgraded metal tail slider and tail slider control arm.


Length: 635mm
Height: 230mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 710mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 158mm
Motor Drive Gear: 13T
Main Drive Gear: 150T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 106T
Tail Drive Gear: 25T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:11.5:4.24
Weight (w/o power system): 530g
Flying Weight: Approx. 640g

HK450TT PRO V2 FBL Helicopter Kit
Glass Fiber Main Blades
Tail Blades
All Necessary Hardware

Required items:
Brushless Outrunner Motor
Flybarless Control Unit
Lipoly Battery (2200mAh 3S)

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  • Diameter X(Inch):
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  • Watt Hour
  • Weight(g):
  • Length:
  • Width
  • Height

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Love the kit, will by again for spares. I only swapped out the main gear since that was bent for a tarot main gear and use an align pinion. Compared with the assault 450 DFC this kit has an inferior rear rotor assembly in terms of play in the components. But all in all that is negligible and when build thoroughly and with good components, you get a very sturdy and reliable helicopter.
Cheap litte helicopter. Some srews were broken but there were spare screws with.
Not flown yet, but it looks like a great option for 1st 450, or a "spare" or lamb for learning new moves.

No manual or parts list provided so not recommended for newbies. Come well packed. Tail servo tray requires 35-40mm 'B' measurement servo where as the 3 cyclics must be micro sized.

Pretty good kit, would buy again. JUST DON'T BUY THE MOTOR THEY SUGGEST. IT'S THE WRONG BOLT PATTERN............................
Excelente!!!...Nada que envidiarle al ALIGN
Mine arrived yesterday. so far I am impressed with quality of the parts, its a good value for your money I will get another kit as spare parts, FBL head is solid and smooth, planning to put the HKpilot (APM) for autonomous flights
I purchased this kit from HK to see how it would fare against other helis I have built and owned. Ill start by saying for the price its hard to beat but with that price comes downfalls. First thing I noticed off the bat is that the machining for the tail rotor feathering shaft was incorrect allowing only a few degrees of tail blade pitch to turn the nose right, to correct this I replaced the whole tail block assembly with and align 450 dominator TT tail. Continuing with the tail the tail boom block that comes with this heli is very sloppy, the horizontal TT drive gear is able to slide left, right,up, and down in its housing causing the gears to strip very easily and it almost caused a catastrophic crash, thanks Realflight for the practice Auto with tail failed training! As a temporary fix I applied electrical tape around the bearing to secure it but decided to replace it with and align TT pro tail housing assembly with black align gears which are said to be much stronger. However, this heli has many good features as well. The head was sturdy and well machined, the frame is stiff and looks great but make sure you sand the edges, the blades seemed cheap but they did the job. All in all, you will be satisfied with the heli but you need to be prepared to spend a few extra dollars on some of the quality parts that I mentioned to have worry free flight.
Bought this kit as my first 450 size helicopter. All the parts were ok, assembling the kit was easy. Only issue I have is with tail control arm which has a little slop at connecting point with tail hub control ball. This slop can be improved by flatten the arm circle connected to the ball.
Head is ok, managed to break a screw because to much locktite but found a way to replace it.
Canopy is bad but can be used, still I recommend to buy another from the start.
This was my first heli kit but although it`s low cost, I was impressed by parts quality. They all fit good.
It is well made heli for its price, torque tube version has some pros and cons, but in general if put together correctly works fine. Don't forget to threadlock ALL metal to metal screws.

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