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HK-500CMT 3D Electric Helicopter Kit (incl. GF blades and extras)

HK-500CMT 3D Electric Helicopter...

The highest SPEC HK Heli, the CMT is all metal, all carbon and allll good!
You can't upgrade this bad boy, it's already upgraded to the maximum!
Much bigger than it's smaller 450 brother, the 500CMT is an exciting helicopter to see in ac...

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The highest SPEC HK Heli, the CMT is all metal, all carbon and allll good!
You can't upgrade this bad boy, it's already upgraded to the maximum!
Much bigger than it's smaller 450 brother, the 500CMT is an exciting helicopter to see in action and even more exciting to fly. It's 2024 alloy head ensures hard core 3D pilots wont be dissapointed in the performance and the beautifully painted cowl and Titanium anodized components make this a visually stunning helicopter with performance to back it up!
Carbon Fiber main frame, CF horizontal & vertical fins also full metal tail unit makes this heli perfect for Pro's!
All parts are 100% compatible with T-Rex 500
Included are main and tail blades & Carbon Fiber boom supports.
Click here for parts and upgrades.
We guarantee you wont find a better priced heli of this quality anywhere!
Light weight design provides awesome flight performance and extreme 3D capability.
Rotor head/tail with thrust bearings.
Direct-to-swash CCPM linkage.
Center of gravity of battery tray designed close to the rotor head.
High efficiency belt driven metal tail.
Fully driven tail auto rotation system.
Tail servo boom mount.
Carbon Fibre Main Frame and boom support rods.

Length: 840mm
Height: 310mm
Main rotor diameter: 970mm
Tail rotor diameter: 200mm
Motor pinion gear: 13T
Main drive gear: 162T
Tail drive gear: 31T
Drive gear ratio: 1:12.46:4.68
Weight(without power system): 1370g
Flying weight: Approx 1700g
Required items.
Brushless Outrunner Motor
Servos : See linked items below.
Radio Gear : Gyro/Rx
ESC : 80A or greater.
Battery: 2 x 2200mAh 3S 20C or greater.


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Hi, i have bought two kits and both have same problem with strong tail vibrations (resonance on high RPM) only when tail blades are mounted. One kit i mounted slower KV (1300) motor to keep low RPM HS (cca 2500) and it still vibrates, but less, so i can fly... On second kit i have faster motor and HS at about 2750 RPM and it is impossible to fly it.
Have checked belt tension and if there is something bent or some bad bearing, but no visual problems... Also changed tail blades, but still same problem.
Must be something wrong with tail, but i dont find what makes it come to resonance.

I found YT video with same problem here (if it wil not work here is yt video number- watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-GXCvRu2SRs)
I did bought this helicopter, electronics, everything from Hobbyking and I ended up replacing every single parts with the original Align. I was very disappointed about this product! I bought this helicopter to my local hobby shop and they are the expert about helicopters to fine tune it. The guy couldn't lift it off the ground after all the fine tuning he did! Now it turns out a got a totally new ALIGN T-REX 500 HELICOPTER! AND IT FLIES PERFECT TOO! You always get what you pay for! lesson to learn!
Super Teil fr das Geld!

Haube sollte man allerdings Tauschen.
Stosunek Ceny do Jakosci Bardzo Dobry Polecam Daniel !!!
Ansich ein guter Heli. Die Haube ist eher was fr den Mll und war bei mir bereits bei der Lieferung mehrfach gebrochen. Haupt- sowie Freilaufzahnrad haben Hhenschlag jenseits von Gut und Bse. Heckzahnrad rutscht auf der Welle. Damit unbrauchbar und gegen Teile von Align ersetzt. Die restlichen Teile des Heli sind recht gut im Vergleich zu meinem original 500 ESP Super Combo. Fliege den HK 500 CMT mit RJX Flybarless Kopf...
yet another great product at the best price available. every thing was in correct condition and i must say that the frame itself is perfect. built it straight away and flies well. used

HKS-9650 High Speed Servo 2.3kg/ 25g/ 0.08sec for cyclic

Turnigy Typhoon 500H Heli Motor 1800kv (500 Class

Turnigy 5A (8-26v) SBEC for Lipo Turnigy nano-tech 370mah 2S 25~40C Lipo Pack good fit without and mods
bought this as a second 500 heli,first was the 500gt which wasnt to bad.this looked good at first but after 2 or 3 flights started getting rough,after stripping down due to violent tail wagging i found both tail bearings completly shot!main rotor bearings lumpy and one way bearing very rough,bearings in tail pitch slider links had collapsed completly.
all parts replaced with align parts so cost is a lot higher than you think.
overall not such good value as you might think.
Due to recent experience I will disassemble this model and rebuild with my loctite on all bolts but my other hk500 flies well with the turnigy 500 h3126 motor and yep 80a esc
this is my 5 hk heli and they seem to get better with less upmarket parts needed and this 500cmt is going together well but i am dissapointed in the amount of plastic parts when imfo says ALL ALLOY and UPGRADED TO THE MAX not quite true. Will be happy if flys as well as my fully blinged HK500gt.Should change imfo wording Hoddy King.
Fr Anfnger nur zu empfehlen.. nicht zu gro und nicht zu klein..
Falls mal kracht einfach noch mal den Bausatz aus Hamburg per GLS..
kommt ganz schnell und gnstig, gnstiger als DE- ..FS
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