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HK-550GT 3D Belt-Drive Electric Helicopter Kit

HK-550GT 3D Belt-Drive Electric ...

Finally, a 550 class helicopter kit that won't break the bank! Modeled on the famous and proven T-Rex 550, the HK550GT will push your 3D skills to their limits.

This 550 size helicopter offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio that mak...

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Finally, a 550 class helicopter kit that won't break the bank! Modeled on the famous and proven T-Rex 550, the HK550GT will push your 3D skills to their limits.

This 550 size helicopter offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio that makes for stellar 3D performance. It utilizes the same power system as a 600/.50 size electric heli, but is lighter and spinning smaller blades, thus offering much higher performance and efficiency.

With its black anodized CNC alloy head & tail unit and beautifully finished carbon fiber frame, the HK550GT is as nice to look at as it is to fly. This kit has just about all the alloy upgrade parts you could want already installed such as battery mount plate, tail servo mount, tail pushrod guides, anti-rotation bracket base and main bearing blocks. There are very few plastic parts anywhere on this heli! 

The HK550GT uses high quality tail bearings and tight tolerances to ensure no slop in the tail assembly and locked-in tail performance for the most extreme of 3D flying.

This heli comes 90% pre-assembled so you can be in the air in no time. Just complete the final assembly,  add your favorite main blades, install your own electronics and your ready to fly!

• Black anodized CNC alloy head & tail unit.
• High-strength alloy main bearing blocks.
• Alloy battery mounting plate.
• Alloy tail servo mount.
• Beautifully finished carbon fiber main frames.
• High quality tail bearings and tight tolerances to ensure no slop in the tail assembly.
• Excellent power-to-weight ratio.
• Compatible with T-Rex 550 helicopter.
• 90% pre-assembled.

Length: 1042mm
Height: 374mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1188mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 254mm
Motor Drive Gear: 16T
Main Drive Gear: 170T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 180T
Tail Drive Gear: 40T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:10.62:4.5
Weight (w/o electronics/blades): 1350g

HK550GT Belt-Drive Helicopter Kit
Tail Blades
All Necessary Hardware

Required items:
6CH Transmitter/Receiver with Helicopter Programming
Lipoly Battery (4000~5000mAh 6S)
520~550mm Main Blades
Servos (3 x cyclic, 1 x tail)
Brushless Outrunner Motor


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Thanks so much Hobbyking!!!
I love this Helicopter, so nice, flys unbelievable!
As far as the cheap crap canopy, everything was fine.
Took Conversation to flybyrless without other new parts and works absolutely fine!
No single srew was missing or trash and important once still loctited.
Would by again without waste a single thought.
About 7 ours from outboxing and building it, till flying with everthings fine.
Problems right away. The silver plug that goes under the vertical fin was missing. The bag with the tail blades arrived open, not sealed, so the silver plug was lost. that was the first RMA issue. Then after connecting the rear assembly and installing th emain shaft, the autorotaion gear and tail drive gear did not mesh correctly (too much gap). Impossible to fly with that condition. Now waiting to hear from Hobbyking how they will fix the problem. I spent over $300 for this heli kit, motors, ESC, servos, and all I have is an unbuilt kit that's missing a part and main gears that don't work.
Hi, my kit came with tail housing without thread on vertical fin mount and main gear very eggformed so main gear is useless, also missing tail control rod guides and canopy broken, the rest is good quality for the money and a good stable helicopter even for begginers. I love to fly this 550 size heli for its great stability and also fast and responsive commands.
I got this model as was pleased with the overall look and quality. Unfortunately on my first flight the rear pulley gear stripped in flight and she spun out of control. Damage was severe lost two Futaba 9252 Servos, RJX Carbon Fibre blades, tail boom, tail rotor assembly, tail blades, canopy.

My recommendation to anyone buying this is to change out all the gears and links to align links and gears.
Great product for that money.
Good things:
-It's cheap
-Build quality is amazing, no slop anywhere

Bad things:
-Main gear, tail drive gear and canopy arrived damaged
-Canopy is terrible quality

Top tip: Order some extra gears and a GF canopy with the kit!
Tail boom case slips a bit in the case. Fixed by drilling a locating screw. Canopy was distorted in the box on opening and corrected by heat gun. All and all a good price. Looks awesome and has all the right stuff. Upgraded rear tail gear , main,anti rotation with align. The original were fairly good better than the 600gt I had purchased. 4 stars as a little extra mods required .
der 550er hier ist der beste Wurf aus der Serie,, ok die Haube ist Schrott aber die qualitt ist um einiges besser als bei der FBL-TT version. Obligatorischer sicherungschec,, wie immer,, keine beanstandung und auch sonst alles ok,,mit dem empfohlenen 100A K-Force Regler und dem Turnigy H600er motor /1100kv ist r ein zuverlssiger begleiter,, ok fr 3D profis wohl nicht die erste wahl,,, aber im F3C segment ist er spitze.
Und keine Haube war brauchbar geliefert worden, alle 4 stck. rissig , gebrochen ud vllig verzogen,, sowas sollte man nicht mitschicken... Mll hab ich eh genug.....
I have not found it yet, my equipment that I bought but what we can to help me.
On the tail drive shaft assembly. The gear on the drive shaft was held in place using only super glue. The drive shaft has a flat machined into it which would be used for a set screw to lock the gear to the shaft. But there is no set screw used, the gear is nylon there is no brass collar for a set screw. So the gear was just glued to the shaft.

This started slipping on the very first minute of flight and I was hearing a clacking sound and loosing tail lock. Initially I wasn't sure what was wrong I thought maybe the belt was slipping and so I took the tail apart to make sure I'd assembled it correctly. The tail rotor blades are too narrow for the the tail blade root holders and I though maybe this was causing the clacking, I fabricated shims to correct that. But during hover the tail drive gear failed completely and the heli spun around and over on its side. I the found the tail drive gear had split in two. The clacking sound was the gear slipping on the shaft and the lump of super glue split the nylon gear. Total flight time about 6-8 minutes.

In addition when I disassembled to main rotor completely and found two screw holes in the tower had no threads and were held with thread locker only.
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