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Hobby King Onboard Auto Glow Plug Driver

Hobby King Onboard Auto Glow Plu...

Is your engine running rich, difficult to start or just faultering?
No problem! The Hobbyking on board glow driver offers peace of mind and could not be more simple to fit or operate, featuring both manual push-button operation and/or remote...

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Is your engine running rich, difficult to start or just faultering?
No problem! The Hobbyking on board glow driver offers peace of mind and could not be more simple to fit or operate, featuring both manual push-button operation and/or remote transmitter switching via a spare channel.
The power supply comes from your RX battery and if you use the START switch on the Hobbyking Glow Driver it will power off after the engine has started (10 seconds) to ensure no excess battery drain. If you use a spare channel on your TX the glow driver will stay on for as long as you want.

Weight: 24g Complete with all leads
Dimensions: 35mmx30mmx14mm (control unit)
Operating Voltage Range: 4.0v~6.8v
Output Voltage: 1.2v~1.6v
Current: 3A~4A
Includes Instruction Leaflet


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Purchased this to fire a OS-F plug in a plane with a difficult to access engine. I set the unit to to fire when i flicked a switch on my radio or to run when the throttle is under 15pcnt. System worked very well for around 6 flights and then refused to fire the plug.
When i put a meter on it i found that i was passing the receiver pack voltage to the plug at all times (on or off) however when there was a plug on it the voltage dropped down to about 0.3v (on or off).
Product worked well out of the box but not happy at all about its reliability.
very poor quality. I have buy 2 items, and they have work only 5 minutes. It looks that the box get very hot, and some components become unsoldered. Be very carefull with this item !!! Hobby king make problems for waranty, they need video showing the 2 deffective items in the same time.......really honest?
These work realy well.
I have 4 of them in my nitro heli`s

Use a good quality RX on/off switch, as it does draw alot of power when on.
Also try not to move your servos while it is on if your switch is on the small side, as the battery wires/switch will get warm because of the extra current. :-)
Otherwise bypass the power directly to the glow driver if you want to use it during flight. I have ordered 5 of these, and one of them let out smoke the first time I used it. the other 4 work great. I filled in a warenty claim, and the day after I goy my money back as credits to buy another. Great service.
It works perfectly. I use it just for engine start, controlled by CH5 of my radio, and I dont need external batteries anymore. Power consumption from RX battery is limted and the use of an 2300mAH battery pack is enough. DO NOT FORGET TO TURN OFF IT ONCE THE ENGIN IS STARTED.
This is what I use to start my toy up and I believe it is great!!!
Ungeeignet fr Dauerbetrieb, nach 2-3 minuten "as long as you want" durchgebrannt. (Anwendung 4-Taktmotor Leerlaufglhung) Funktioniert nur als 10 sec. Startglhvorrichtung.
Fairly simple principle and easy enough to install until you have to place the positive wire to the glow plug. The issue I encountered is the connector is short and if you are trying to attach it to the glow plug and the heatsink on top of the motor is a standard height, you will have to fiddle with it. Otherwise I haven't had a problem yet but then again it's early days still.
Like most of Hobbykings electronics this item was defective. Drew too much power from the receiver, shorting the receiver.
la qualit davvero scarsa
appena collegato si bruciato
mi ha bruciato anche la candeletta
the quality is really poor
just plugged it burned
I also burned the glow plug
Fonctionne la perfection, plus besoin de se soucier de la bougie!
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