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Hobbyking&#8482 Propeller 9x5 Black (CCW) (5pcs)

Hobbyking&#8482 Propeller 9x...

9x5 Propellers (5Pcs/Bag)


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9x5 Propellers (5Pcs/Bag)


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Look nice out of the packet. Haven't used yet but if they are as good as the 8x5's I've used before they are solid.
hlice de baixo custo com timo custo x beneficio,,,
Super verarbeitung, wie nicht anders von den Artikeln von HK zu erwarten.
I really recommend these as a "regular" set of props. They get the job done but are really out of balance and even when balanced produced noticeable vibrations. These are great for when I'm still tuning the model or tweaking things so I don't risk the expensive props, however ultimately I switched over to high quality ones once I had the model set up. Nonetheless these props have a place in my toolbox, I set my PID's too high and had a small crash which broke one of them, and am very glad I had them. I usually always order a set with new model, or if I want to experiment with different sizes without spending much. Overall great cheap set of props, but they are just that, a cheap set of props.
__ __ _________? _____ ____ ____....
The 2 packs of props I received are unbalance-able. I started with the blades and when I finely got to balancing the hub, I discovered it was so far out of balance that I had to take off 2/3 of it. And still had to put a tone of ca on the other side.
Sometimes I order props from Ebay- and they're never as good as HK's. These are always consistent in quality!
Cheap and good propellers.

I use them on my HyperBipe
not good for my quadcopter but my piper J3 its now alive compared to the 7x3 i had before
Very unbalanced. The qualiti is not so good as the original GWS. Don't pay for it any money. The original GWS is much better.
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