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HobbyKing Donkey ST4010-820kv Brushless Motor

HobbyKing Donkey ST4010-820kv Br...

When pulling power matters and looks.. well.. just don't, then the HobbyKing Donkey ST4010 is the work horse for you. This tough-as-rawhide motor features a heavy duty mount, a huge 6mm shaft and self oiling bushings that just wont give up like so...

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When pulling power matters and looks.. well.. just don't, then the HobbyKing Donkey ST4010 is the work horse for you. This tough-as-rawhide motor features a heavy duty mount, a huge 6mm shaft and self oiling bushings that just wont give up like some of the bearings in those little "Show Pony" motors.

RPM/v: 820kv
Dimensions: 51 x 23mm
Shaft: 6.0mm
Voltage: 11.1~14.8V
Weight: 194g
No-load current: 2.8a @ 11.1v
Max Current: 60A
Max Watts: 680W
Mounting Holes: 65mm

Prop Data:
12x8 - 11.1v - 39a - 1750g Thrust
11x5 - 14.8v - 44a - 2250g Thrust
10x5 - 14.8v - 30a - 1850g Thrust


Additional Information

  • Blade Count:
  • Speed (Sec/60deg):
  • Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg)
  • Diameter X(Inch)
  • A(mm):
  • B(mm):
  • C(mm)
  • D(mm)
  • E(mm):
  • F(mm):
  • SKU
  • Weight(g)
  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Height
  • Kv(rpm/v)
  • Max Currents (A):
  • Power (W):
  • Length B (mm)
  • Can Length D(mm)
  • Max Voltage(V):
  • Shaft A(mm):
  • Unit Weight (g)
  • Diameter C(mm)
  • Total Length E(mm):
  • Resistance (mh):

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Very solid build/construction of this motor, I've bought it for a 1.4mtr plane, time will tell it's durability, I will re-report on this motor after a few months of flying with it.
for 13 bucks you cannot beat it over 10 pounds of thrust on a 4 cell and a 14 inch prop..and around 800 watts. only have a few hours on it but so far so good ..defiantly not top shelf quality but for the price its great for a heavy lifter
Excellent motor I am now running two, both drive 13x6.5 APC props using a 60A SS Esc.

One is pulling a scratch 4.7lb, 1/4 scale Vans RV-9 around with great authority, and 12 min flight times.

Quiet, pwerfull and robust. Perfect HK !
Perfekter Motor fr den Robbe AirTrainer 140.

Baugleich mit dem Orginal der allerdings 39,- kostet.
I am not sure these bushes are self oiling. My motor seizes up every now and then. I then pull it apart and oil it and it works again for a while.
Heres the thing, i am running these on a 4s with a 11" slow fly prop on an octo, these motors heat up big time, hot enough that some of high heat glue from my hot glue gun melted.
And i was at 50pcnt throttle most of the time, not goot at all.
Thos cheap bell type brushless outrunners that are blue and say 3s max, i rand those on a 4s with 12" props, they get slightly warm, are half the weight, half the size and cheaper, they also give the same thrust pretty much, this donkey motors are just rubbish
800 watts on 4s no problem, but bushings wear fairly quickly, still usable but slight vibrations due to wear.
Well impressed with this motor - my daughter had a Century Riot - Rubbish kit no guts at all I put this motor in having made a change to the cowling added a hobby king controller and it goes brilliantly - it is a perfect 40 size motor with grunt and at this price a bargain. I use 4 cells with this and it is a perfect match - 3000 or 3300 lipo's. the great thing about this motor is the 5mm shaft - no chance of bending this in a hurry.
Just got my donkey today. It is well made and seems very solid. It does not spin quite as easily some of my other outrunners do, but it runs perfectly. I have it hooked to an 80a TurboJet esc and currently running from a 3s 2200mah lipo with the suggested 12x8 prop. My plane is scratch built, approximately 3 pounds takeoff weight. The donkey pulls about 20a at half throttle, pulling my plane at around 30mph. At full throttle I measured 45a and 48mph in flight. Overall a great and sturdy motor for the price. The only difficulty I had was finding a prop adapter to fit.
Great motor, price is amazing. Runs smooth, mounted on a .25 size e-stick in place of the recommended rimfire .32 and it works great. Perhaps one of the more reliable outrunners in this size as for this price range the bearings are likely to fail, this one has well lubricated (from the factory) bronze bushings that will take a long time to wear out.
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