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HobbyKing ECO6 50W 5A Balancer/Charger w/ accessories

HobbyKing ECO6 50W 5A Balancer/C...

HobbyKing™ ECO6 50W 5A 8S Charger is capable of charging any capacity Lipoly battery up to 6 cells at 5A. It includes Auto current detect and temp, amp, voltage safety features to prevent over-charging. The ECO6...

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HobbyKing™ ECO6 50W 5A 8S Charger is capable of charging any capacity Lipoly battery up to 6 cells at 5A. It includes Auto current detect and temp, amp, voltage safety features to prevent over-charging. The ECO6 includes an array of charging plugs and wires to suit almost any application and comes with JST-XH balancing plugs so you can balance charge most packs easily.

Input power is 11-18v, so it can be powered by automotive batteries or a modified pc/laptop powersupply if you don't have a dedicated 12v power supply.

• Microprocessor controlled
• Delta-peak sensitivity (NiMH/NiCd)
• Individual cell balancing
• Li-ion, LiPo and LiFe capable
• Ni-Cd and NiMH capable
• Large range of charge currents
• Store function, allows safe storage current
• Time limit function
• Input voltage monitoring. (Protects car batteries at the field)
• Data storage (Store up to 5 packs in memory)
• Battery break in and cycling.

Input Voltage: 11~18v
Circuit power: Max Charge: 50W / Max Discharge: 5W
Charge Current Range: 0.1~5.0A
Ni-MH/NiCd cells: 1~15
Li-ion/Poly cells: 1~6
Pb battery voltage: 2~20v
Weight: 170g
Dimensions: 138x75x23mm

Note: Requires external power supply.


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Excellent battery charger, very easy to use. just follow those instructions (make sure you do read them!) and away you go
Great Charger works really well very good for the money
Fine charger, seems to have the exact same format as the Imax B6 Charger.
This may or may not be the charger I ordered, it hasn't arrived yet even thought it was supposedly shipped five days ago from a depot which normally delivers in three days or less, then I get an Email about other chargers available, or that I can pay for and not receive. Please get your stuff together before sending me any more Emails.


Gutes Ladegert. Preis/Leistung ok. Vor dem Kauf mal schauen ob die 200W Version nicht doch besser ist ;)
It's a very good product. I use it with all my life and lipo batterys without problems. Is for 2-6s and 0,1-5,0 Amp.
I bought this for a second charger to accompany my main charger. Maybe I was lucky, but I compared the battery voltage (like some of the negative reviews mentioned) to my other charger to ensure that they were reading about the same v, and I found that there was about a .01-.04 v reading difference between the 2 chargers. For my purposes, this is acceptable and I am happy with the charger. The reason I docked a star is because the balanceing does not auto-detect and will not balance with some of my batteries because the balance plug is wired differently than what the charger requires. I have other batteries (not from HK) that wont balance even though they are the same connector. The batteries I have bought through HK balance fine
I just luv this thing. I keep it in my car so I always have it lol. the wires and balance plugs are well made and unit is easy to operate. heck of a deal for the money I highly recommend it. I only wish it came with a deans charge plug but that waz an easy fix. thumbs up!
A great smart charger. I have charged 6, 3s batteries at a time and its a great charger and for this price it's a bang up deal, the accessory charging thingie has almost every connector you need, I like EC3 connectors so I removed the tamia one and added a EC3 connector... great charger I would recommend it ti anyone...
This is a very popular unit amongst our group. The price point makes it good as a portable, easy system.
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