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HobbyKing Power Supply 100~240v 5A

HobbyKing Power Supply 100~240v 5A

HobbyKing Power Supply 100~240v 5A

Input: AC100 ~ 240v 50/60Hz (International)
Output: DC15v 5A
CE approved


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HobbyKing Power Supply 100~240v 5A

Input: AC100 ~ 240v 50/60Hz (International)
Output: DC15v 5A
CE approved


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This power supply has given me absolutely no problems at all....bought the power supply 6months ago and am very happy with the product!
Very good and cheap 15V power supply for most small chargers. Bought it for my VOLTCRAFT 11 - 15 V/DC Ladegert C-403 from Conrad (German) and it runs perfectly. Power plug isn't Schuko-plug. Every C5 plug from other notebook power supplies works fine.
very cheap and those the job
great cheap power supply that goes along well with any of hobbyking's chargers, one of the cheapest i believe so it's a great buy, this one i'm using with my accucel charger to charge batteries
perfect match up for the ACC6 Charger
i have purchased 4 of these power supply and had problem they do not work hobby king will not give me return address so i can get refund or exchange has anybody else had same problem
very nice,cheap and reliable
This is a very high quality power supply, that performs well. I use this to power a Turnigy Accucel-6 charger, and it works 100pcnt. I have tested the output, and mine has a nominal voltage of 15.15V unloaded. Sometimes it will show voltage up to 15.2V, but has never gone below 15V for me. The power supply is compact, and only gets warm after hours of use. I highly recommend this for your 15V needs.
excelente produto e bom ter sempre um de reserva
Power supply works great. I took a crown off on quality because when it has a load connected to it there is a very quiet but audible buzz. Removing the load from the supply causes this buzz to stop. You will only be able to hear it if you are within about 2 feet from the supply.
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