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HobbyKing® Invictus EF-1 Pylon Racer Balsa 1288mm - Red (ARF)

HobbyKing® Invictus EF-1 Pylon R...

The HobbyKing® Invictus was designed by renowned racer Red Jensen to be an all out racer for the NMPRA's EF-1 class and is capable of competing at the highest levels. Even in the development phase it has already broken several records. Althoug...

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The HobbyKing® Invictus was designed by renowned racer Red Jensen to be an all out racer for the NMPRA's EF-1 class and is capable of competing at the highest levels. Even in the development phase it has already broken several records. Although it is designed to be a racer, the Invictus makes a fantastic fast aerobatic sport flyer as well. The generous moments of this plane means it tracks well when carving around the pylons, or just tearing up the sky like a pattern plane.

A built-up lite ply airframe comes pre-covered in an attractive and easy to orientate color scheme. The foam core wing is fully sheeted with balsa making it stiff yet relatively light. Carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass cowl, wheel pants and canopy finish off the model nicely. Since most of the work is done for you, just drop in your choice of motor, speed controller, battery and radio equipment. Race day is just a few short evenings of work away.
• Almost Ready to Fly - Just install your choice of motor  and electronics
• Built up balsa and lite ply construction
• NMPRA EF-1 pylon racing class legal
• Pre covered colorful airframe parts
• Aluminum undercarriage with steerable tail wheel
• Hidden cowl fasteners and magnetically secured hatch reduce drag

Wing Span: 1288mm
Length: 1016mm
Wing Area: 24.2 sq. dm.
Flying weight: 1500g

4 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
NTM EF-1 1300kv Outrunner Motor
60A Brushless ESC
2 x 22g Servos
2 x 16g Servos
45mm Spinner
4S 14.8V 2200-3000mAh LiPoly Battery
8 x 8 propeller
Building adhesives


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one of the best EF1 frame construct most ply wood and feel very solid, good for gas conversion also...I love it.
This is my review about the invictus the quality is very bad
people have to look out because The foil is wrongly placed
As you can see on the 2 movies on YouTube. As you see the foil is placed
In the wrong direction and in the flight it came off.
Normally you should cover the foil from the back to the front, leaving a small overlap facing downstream.
This manufacturer mistake cost me the plane

This manufacturer mistake cost me the plane and a 4s nanotech 3.3 lipo, not to mention a lot of work. Also the foil
has very bad glue so people have to check the hole plane
as about the warranty i am not happy white it
Super Modell, sehr gut verarbeitet, alles passgenau. Akzeptabler Preis.
I have many planes included EDF and turbine, this one is awesome, I felt it solid like a rock. Glide well at low speed and stable at high speed. Good plane to invest for your daily flight at park...thanks Hobbyking
A really excellent model in both design and quality. The kit really is top notch and for the price, especially at the recent sale price it's top value. Build was reasonably straightforward but there are a few things to point out related more to the ancillary components than the kit itself:

. Despite using the recommended purpose made Hobbyking NTM EF-1 motor I found that the cross mount that comes with the motor is much too big to fit the mounting plate on the model. Luckily I had another cross mount that was almost the correct size, but it would have been frustrating if I hadn't had one in the spares box. Even using the alternate mount I had to slot the holes slightly, the mounting holes in the motor box seem to be either non-standard pitch or inaccurately set.
. Similar issue in fit of the motor to the cowl length. The motor was too short, the prop driver ended up some way back inside of the cowl. I had to add 6mm spacer behind the cross mount to move it forward so the prop and spinner would clear the cowl (so buy some 6mm NTM long spacers along with the motor!). With spacers installed fit was perfect, about 1mm clearance between spinner back plate and cowl.
. The recommended 16g (for ailerons) and 21g (for elevator and rudder) servos were too small for the cutouts (Turnigy servos). I had to make some ply infill plates.
. The bottom of the elevator and rudder servo hit the s
Congratulations HobbyKing!!! - Super strong package, pretty solid construction and excellent finish and instruction manual.- I liked a lot.- Really very beautiful model //////
I have previously built the LR-1A Pogo, Shoestring and Proud Bird. The Invictus is by a long shot the best ARF of the group. Quality shipping, quality fiberglass parts and quality model finish make this ARF fun to complete and fly. Only two issues. Had to add 0.375" standoffs to the motor (HK's motor) which was not addressed in the instructions. The ready to fly weight turned out to be 3 lbs 12.2 oz. A little overweight. Cost to door for ARF was $195.56 including shipping.
RE: Anyone for EF1 ??

today i flew the maiden flights ( 4) in total . the maiden flight was successful, and went quite well with no hicups and minimal trimming req . take off and landing went very well , as i heeded some advice about airspeed on take off . ( thanks Claudio) .
2nd take off was woefull , as it lifted off and nosed up then torque rolled to the left , i had to lower the nose and hope for the best , just managed to clear the trees at pemac , then flight full speed etc and inverted , the plane would fly level on 3/4 speed but lift on full speed ,and felt twitchy in the air; inverted flight seemed neutrally balanced as it flew level inverted . upon this i concluded that it was slightly tail heavy .
3rd flight changed C of G 5MM further forward, a better take off but still torque rolled to the left , plane was now a smooth flyer , i also reduced the lower dual rates from 60pcnt to 50pcnt for this flight , and it flew better as it was now balanced well and on full throttle flew level , and slightly downward when inverted , twitchyness was now gone , landing was a cinch , just throttle off and touchdown with sink rate very nice .
4th flight i fine trimmed and practiced some circuits at full throttle , plane was very smooth and controllable on quick turns , performed very well without over banking on turn in etc , take off went well
All I can say is WOW! Shipped from Hong Kong to the US, not a scratch on it due to the careful packing using a large amount of bubble pack, and wrap. The Cowl and Pants are carbon reinforced. Paint is Excellent, and covering looks very professionally done. Instruction manual is well written and understandable. Well worth the wait. Thank you Red, Ben, and the Product Development Team! Well Done!
  • HobbyKing® Invictus EF-1 Pylon Racer Balsa 1288mm - Red

  • HK Invictus Balsa Pylon Racer

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