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HobbyKing® ™ Edge 540 V3 (Red/Silver) 3D 1200mm (ARF)

HobbyKing® ™ Edge 540 V3 (Red/Si...

The Edge 540 V3 has to be one of the best looking race & performance planes ever built but make no mistake, the HobbyKing® ™ Edge has been designed with one thing in mind, extreme 3D aerobatics!

The quality of thi...

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The Edge 540 V3 has to be one of the best looking race & performance planes ever built but make no mistake, the HobbyKing® ™ Edge has been designed with one thing in mind, extreme 3D aerobatics!

The quality of this Edge is simply as good as it gets, the airframe has been constructed to keep the flying weight minimal but strong enough to take the punishment of extreme aerobatics, the superb quality covering has been expertly applied and for the final touch, the cowl, canopy and wheel pants are finished in a deep gloss paint. The hardware is excellent & also chosen to keep flying weight to an absolute minimum and of course the model features plug in wing & CF wing tube as you would expect for easy transportation.

The HobbyKing® ™ Edge 540 V3 performs every inch as good as it looks, naturaly it makes for a great sport plane but it would be fair to say that hardcore 3D is what the Edge has been designed for. The precision of the airframe, stunning looks, top line quality and amazing feather weight specs make the Edge 540 V3 the must have plane for all aerobatic and 3D pilots!

• Amazing looks
• Top quality construction and covering
• Easy and fast to build
• Ultra light weight but strong airframe
• Superbly finished
• Stunning 3D capability
• Quick field assembly, easy to transport

Wingspan: 1200mm
Length: 1180mm
Wing Area: 28.9dm2
Dry Weight: 729g (inc all hardware)
Flying Weight: 1300g~1500g (Approx)

Your own 4~6 Channel TX/RX
35mm Brushless Outrunner Motor
40A~50A ESC
4 x Digital High Torque 9g~12g servo
2200mAh~3300mAh 3s Lipoly Battery
50mm Spinner
UBEC (Optional)


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First balsa model, very lightweight, very nice to see.
The box was OK, hard cardboard, inside no kind of damage.
Assembly was fast, i used much threadlocker to the screws, and epoxy instead of CA. I suggest to reinforce the plywood junctions with more glue! The rudder is push-pull system, i installed a turnigy sk3 3548, not so good for 3d, but its not my flying style yet! So its good to me. ESC 60amp and nanotech 3s 3300mah battery and the tgy 113mg servos.
The covering is ok, i improved it in some minor points with the iron.
The landing gear is made by metal and its very elastic, someone changed it with carbon fiber one, more rigid, but its ok to me because it helps you in not so good landings!
Although the landing wheel are so small the model takes off and lands on the grass with no problem!
The specified cg is ok, someone put it 10mm shorter than the original. To check the cg you have to know that the models fulcrum is right in the middle of the simmetrical airfoil, so you have to keep it hanged by fingers from inside of the fuselage.
I never flown an acrobatic 3d model. There is no dihedral and it has simmetrical airfoils, so no tendency to self-levelling; you have to really fly it! Its not a mess to learn this knife flyer and once you did it is so funny!
The setup must be perfect, you can fly tail heavy but its really hard,
I thought i'd be the first one to post here and have to say that this is one awesome Edge!

I'm running mine on a 4s 2650 Nano-Tech lipo, 900KV 815W NTM Motor with reversed shaft, 12x6 APC Style prop, 60a Plush ESC, TGY 9018MG servos, and FrSky radio gear. Total weight is 1400g.

I'm really iimpressed with the setup although as per our american friends, the elevator required a small piece of 3-4mm flat carbon to strengthen it up. It seems like they have updated the elevator as mine came in 3 pieces with a strong metal U clamp but i wasn't going to risk it and leave to to chance to break.

Everything was a breeze to install and feels solid and well built. However, my elevator servo mount seemed to be lose/borken (lol) so i had to glue it back together - Not a mahoosive issue but could of caused problems if not spotted!

Amp test results on the 4S 2650 and 12x6 pulled around 53 amps and a few short of 800watts. The plane has plenty of power so no need to push it any further.

It's smooth yet agile, fast and predictable! So a big happy face from me! :D
Martin Mnster (6) ,einer der jngsten Kunstflug-Piloten in Deutschland, fliegt diese V3. Schn leicht und gute Verarbeitung. Es wurde an einige, entscheidende, Details gedacht ( Fahrwerk, Kabinenhaube, Motordrom) ,die man selbst bei Sebart vermisst.
Allerdings ist ratsam gleich das Hhenruder mittig zu verstrken, oder nach unten und oben abzufangen. Alles in Allem klasse. oder unter Facebook Siegfried F.Mnster
Excellent plane, the elevator problem others have listed has been fixed, with the plane being shipped with a metal coupler to join each side of the elevator with.

I am running the NTM Prop Drive 35-42 Series 1000KV, with a 12x8E prop, on 3S 2200mah and i'm getting just shy of 400W WOT @ 40A. This gives me vertical/hover and a reasonable top speed. With this combo i had to add some balsa to the back of the battery compartment as the battery sits quite far back.

I am flying with a CG of 89mm from leading edge, which seems to handle nicely. I haven't tried much 3D manouvres yet as i am still learning 3D, so can't really comment on that, but i suspect i will need to move the CG to the recommended 99mm for that.

Overall and excellent product, and worth noting that my mate was suprised when i told him it was a HobbyKing plane as he thought it was a more expensive brand!!!!
Following the strengthening of the structure of the horizontal stabilizer made the first flight. Everything was perfect, it was not necessary to set the trim flight. Use battery 3s 2200 to 3000mha without changing anything the CG. Very stable in flight and landing.

Flying my edge !
Beautifull plane, light, well built
It is difficult to harrier upright as it tends to rock when you use the rudder to steer, Inverted is more stable
KE has litlle coupling, mainly to the belly and "unrolling" 10pcnt mix take it out
Really flat inverted spins, tracks well, snaps are not fast upright, faster inverted
With a 13x4 and recomended motor it uses 41amps with good but not ballistic pullout from torque roll, Dont use Nanos 2560 25c , they will not last! use bigger capacity or bigger "C" discharge rates, next time I will use Zippys 2800 for a 10gms penalty
Nice plane for the price. I use a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 3542-1000kv with a 12x6 prop on 4S and it flies really fast. Not as precise as famous quality brands planes (you have to adjust knife edges with quite a lot of elevator for exemple) but for the price it is good and really fun. Be sure to reinforce the elevator with carbon.
Well packed. Some news about elevator problems, so my plane got carbon fibre sticks from the elevator side to other side. I'm not professional, but this plane quality is nice and also flying nice. Here is one video:
It's very nice looking plane. Due to briliant red color, visibility in the air is really good.
And it has sublime flying character, easy to handle & landing.
But horizontal stabilizer is very fragile, reinforcement is crucial.
Except one that defect, it is very recomendable one.
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  • HobbyKing® ™ Edge 540 V3

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