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HobbyKing® ™ Go Discover FPV Plane EPO 1600mm (PNF)

HobbyKing® ™ Go Discover FPV Pla...

Take your FPV experience on the path less traveled, with the new Go Discover FPV plane from HobbyKing® ™.

The Go Discover was designed from the start to be a great FPV platform with a massive center bay, straight forward l...

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Take your FPV experience on the path less traveled, with the new Go Discover FPV plane from HobbyKing® ™.

The Go Discover was designed from the start to be a great FPV platform with a massive center bay, straight forward layout and superb, predictable, yet sporty, flight characteristics.  The 1600mm swept reflex wing provides great lift and slow, predictable behaviors, yet under power has the agility and feel of a combat wing. The power system with the 800kv motor and 40A esc matched to a 10inch folding prop, provides ample power for big loops and epic FPV climb outs, but can just cruise along happily just sipping power at quarter stick for FPV endurance. Designed to use a 4cell 3000-4000 Li-Poly battery the Go Discover can stay afloat for ample FPV fun.

What makes the Go Discover stand out is the integrated pan and tilt system in the nose, giving an un-obstructed bird’s eye view of the world below. The pan and tilt system uses 2 gear driven engagements for a smooth solid camera platform. The pan and tilt system  was designed to perfectly house a GoPro 1, 2, 3 or 3+ as well as any other board or cube FPV camera with an easy swappable back mounting plate, all housed behind a clear acrylic dome. The front dome provides a great view, while protecting your FPV gear. The Go Discover has replaceable domes, as well as a few light reflective optional ones as well.

Purposely designed and perfectly sized the HobbyKing® ™ Go Discover can help you discover the world from a different point of view.

Wingspan: 1600mm
Length: 737mm
Weight: 1800g
ESC: 40A
Servo: 9g x4 (2 for the flight elevons and 2 for the pan and tilt)
Radio: 3ch for flight ( 5ch or more recommended for Pan and tilt use)
Motor: 800KV 35mm
Battery: Li-Poly 14.8v (4s) 3000-4000mah 25c

Go Discover FPV Plane
800kv motor
40A ESC with BEC
4 9g servos
Pan and tilt mechanism
10inch folding prop

4ch radio (6ch recommended)
Battery 14.8v (4s) Li-Poly  3000-4000mah and charger
FPV equipment (optional)

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I simply love this plane. Thank you HobbyKing.
Basically is beautifull flyes good and everything BRAKES IN FLIGHT WITHOUT ANY REASON! At my first flight i had the motor mount exploded in flight. Luckly i was just landing but it ended with a broken dome enclosure , a broken servo, broken wing pins. The motor mount is basically made to be brokenable by human sight! And should be really reconsidered . Totally disappointed.
What are the actual technical specifications of the engine and propeller mainly to replace in case of accident
This is a great plane, easily worth the effort of getting around the minor niggles with quality. The Go Discover is surprisingly easy to launch and handles well. If you ever lose the plastic wing bolts and have trouble finding them in stock, you can purchase the Durafly™ SkyMule 1500mm - Wing Mounting Hardware Set for a couple of quid and use the plastic lugs out of that as an alternative.
La qualit est au RDV , une aile qui possde beaucoup de place pour ranger le matos fpv , par contre avec la motorisation livre en 4S 4000 mAh elle manque vraiment d nergie ce qui rend les dcollages trs trs limite , pour le ct plan c est une enclume et les atterrissages sont trs rapide , je dconseille ce model pour commencer la discipline .
Bon vols tous .

Klarsichtkanzel wre wnschenswert.
Macht richtig Spass!

Ich habe mit dem Go Discover Wing meine ersten Flugerfahrungen in Sachen Flugzeug gesammelt und kann das Ding nur empfehlen! Man sollte sich zwar von Bumen fernhalten, aber wenn man das Ding einmal in die Luft gebracht hat machst sehr viel Spass.

Ich fliege es mit einem Turnigy 5000er Akku und die Flugeigenschaften sind (was ich so als Anfnger sagen kann) echt gut. Sehr wendig und der Schub ist auch gut. Was mich aber am meisten beeindruckt hat sind die Gleiteigenschaften. Man schaltet den Antrieb komplett aus und segelt "lautlos" durch die Luft.

Ich kanns nur empfehlen - fr Einsteiger mit Mut und geschickten Fingern ein guter und vor allem gnstiger Einstieg!
Received mine with a broken canopy clip (one side of the canopy won't close with the supplied plastic screw) and with some of the decals on one of the wings dried and peeling off.
i haven't flown it yet but am somewhat disappointed with the quality of the product..
very solid packaging, it deliver it safe but it cost a lot in shipping especially if you're using dimensional weight, the box is huge. nonetheless the quality id pretty fine and the plane has a lot of video online to check the flight mood of this bird, good deal if you can save on shipping. recommended if money is no issue.
Nice lookin model - easy handled in the air. Lots of space to mount everything. Camera mount works very nice.
I have flown my model a few times with 3 cells - works better with 4. Specially in the launch (when launching alone) its nice to have this extra power.
Engine mount is fragile - remember to balance your prop before running the engine for the first time.
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