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HobbyKing® ™ Mini Saturn F3A 3D EPO Airplane w/Motor 580mm (ARF)

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HobbyKing® ™ Mini Saturn F3A 3D EPO Airplane w/Motor 580mm (ARF)

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If you're looking for a mini F3A 3D airplane with great looks and performance, the Mini Saturn is just the plane for you! Constructed from light density EPO foam, this model is ultra-durable yet still lightweight.

The Mini Saturn features massive control surfaces and a large side profile making it ideal for both F3A and 3D flight. The pre-installed 2S brushless motor provides all of the power you need for pulling off extreme aerobatics, while still providing good flight times.

This model is built light. The factory has used a process to produce very light density EPO foam reducing the overall weight by about 30% when compared to standard EPO. They then reinforce the frame with carbon fiber. Because of this, the model flies light with low wing loading, yet still maintains the durability you expect from EPO foam.

This version of the Mini Saturn includes the brushless motor, so you will simply need to add your own ESC, servos, 4CH radio system and 2S lipoly battery.


• Light density EPO foam construction (30% lighter than standard EPO)
• Powerful brushless 2S motor
• Large control surfaces ideal for aerobatic and 3D flight
• "Almost Ready to Fly" version with motor
• Easy to build

Wingspan: 580mm
Length: 690mm
Flying Weight: 120~140g
Motor: 1306-10 3100KV (included)
Propeller: GWS 6030 (included)

Mini Saturn Airplane w/Motor (ARF)
All necessary hardware
User manual

4CH transmitter and receiver
6A brushless ESC
2.5g servos x 3
2S 7.4V 200~300mAh lipoly battery

  • HK Mini Saturn
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Truk44 | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jan 14, 2016

I have rarely seen such a good building instructions. The photos are great, the description brief and clearly understandable. The quality of the parts delivered is top class and the price / performance ratio is also very good

kakou321 | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Oct 05, 2015

It is very good product. Quality is perfect.
But... take care. This aircraft is very small and not for beginner pilot. You can't fly with this aircraft if more than light wind.

Do not hesitate to take a spare propeller.

Chris | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Aug 22, 2014

Have had this plane over a year now. It's been a beast.
Pros-Great price, fun to fly, and durable. Cons-the kit comes with string for the controls. I used some carbon fiber for control rods. I'm not sure I could have gotten the string tight enough to work well.
Buy plenty of propellers, I broke one almost every outing.
Other than that great kit. I would not recommend this kit to a beginner the plane has huge control surfaces and is really touchy.

Dury | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Aug 20, 2014

This plane is lowcost and it fly very good if you know control but it's difficult to make and I have break the undercarriage in the firt crash...
For exemple I have use 3 or 4 hours to make this planes ! But if you take the PNF i think it's more easy .

Chris | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Nov 04, 2013

Construction Pros: Fairly solid construction. Carbon fiber spars throughout.
Construction Cons: Had to drill prop that came with kit to fit motor shaft. Kit uses string to control rudder. String is hard to set.
Maiden:Stiff steady breeze. (I know not my best idea ever and not recommended.) Flew over grass. I slammed it full speed into the ground and tweaked the body. The carbon fiber spars saved the frame. One spar broke. Nothing a little epoxy won't fix.
Flight Pros: Great response, solid platform. Loved the snappy contols. Able to harrier well in the stiff breeze. I did not try more 3D with the breeze.
Flight Cons: None that I have noticed yet.
Tips: Buy extra props. Lose the string on the rudder and install a carbon fiber rod. I used .05mm. Also, this is probably understood, but research your connectors for the servos and receiver. I ordered the recommended servos which had the 1.25 Molex(JST) connector. The micro receiver I orderd used 1.00mm. (I ended up just soldering the standard receiver connectors and using one of my other orange receivers.)
Battery: I used some Turnigy 200 mah 2s and the flight time was about 3 min. I have some 300 mah but hadn't taken the time to cut the frame out to fit them.
Overall would give it a 5 if it had a carbon fiber rod for the rudder.
This is not a beginner kit, but not super hard either. I would recommend this for anybody

Danos | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Oct 20, 2013

Very pleased with the quality well packaged no damage and all the parts there. One thing that had me stumped was the vile string pulley system to operate the rudder. I didnt bother with it and made a carbon rob with some wire with a z bend in looks much better and alot stronger too. Flys great !!!

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