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HobbyKing® ™ P51 EPP ProfileFighter Unbreakable (33inch)

HobbyKing® ™ P51 EPP ProfileFigh...

The HobbyKing® ™ P51 Profile plane is made from super tuff EPP foam making it almost unbreakable! The included 2208-1450kv motor and 8x4 prop provide plenty of performance and make hand launching easy. You will require 3 x 9gram servos, ...

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The HobbyKing® ™ P51 Profile plane is made from super tuff EPP foam making it almost unbreakable! The included 2208-1450kv motor and 8x4 prop provide plenty of performance and make hand launching easy. You will require 3 x 9gram servos, 20amp ESC, a 11.1v 3s lipo battery around 600mah to 1000mah and your own transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx) to complete the model.

The EPP ProfileFighter is an excellent parkfly plane for combat dogfight competition. It's light weight makes it very maneuverable (almost full 3D capable), strong enough to take impacts and easily repaired.
Perfect for club/group dog fights. Attach streamers and let it rip!
Flight performance is excellent thanks to the moulded aerofoil wing.

Wing Span: 840mm (33in)
Fuselage: 680mm (26.8in)
Flying Weight: 320~350g (With battery)
ESC: 20A (Required)
Servo: 3 x 9g (Required)
Motor: 2208-1450kv Brushless (Included)
Battery: 11.1v 600~1000mah 20c Lipo
Prop: 8x4e (included)

ESC: 20A
Servo: 3 x 9g
Battery: 11.1v 600~1000mah 20c Lipo
Your own Tx/Rx

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Running apc 8x4 prop, 1000mha 25c battery, 40amp HK speed C, plenty of crashes, glue her up , no worries, fly in challenging winds, this set up turns n burns. Few nights relaxing build.
probably the worst plane i have bought from hobbyking, double kicking myself because i got two.
everything need modifying to work and fit together, the model has been updated but the instructions have not been.
what you see in the pics is not what you end up with, notice no speedy, no battery no servo locations? that right, because you have the slash the thing to bits to fit anything in it. battery mount is a hole thru the body, speedy location, slash another hole, servo, more slashing, servo horns, slash, main body spa, slash a groove right up the entire model, and right across the wings as well for the spa.
one of the accessories they should recommend is a box of knives. that and plenty of glue because everything needs to be glued in.
i dont normally complain, but this is an overpriced piece of crap that doesnt even fly that well.
One of my kits came with an 8x3.9 with a proper mount and the other came with two unmarked props that look maybe 4 in long, possible 250 size quad blades and a elastic band to attach it, so useless in otherwords.
I bought this plane! It`s really unbreakable) To build this ARF plane need 2 hours. I`m using turnigy 1300 mah. CG is good. Control horns made of wood andnot good, I`m using another. It`s really fast
totally love this plane great first buy, have had hours of fun and easy to repair any damage. one small flaw is went threw a few props with crashes and bad landings while i was learning but other wise great all round plane
Bought two of these from AUS both only have 3 carbon rods but you need four and did NOT get motors with the kits . ?? So whats the go HK .?
Super Flieger!!!
Fr lowcost Aircombat genau das Richtige - gnstig, unempfindlich und einfach zu reparieren! So machts Spass!
Ein bichen tricky ist der erste Aufbau, bei der zweiten P51 geht alles leichter von der Hand. Rumpf unbedingt auf jeder Seite von vorn bis hinten mit den 1mm CFK Stangen verstrken, fr die Flgel und das HLW 3mm nehmen! Dann geht das Ding stabil durch jede Aktion. QRs sollten separat angesteuert werden!
Viel Spass damit!
Grate fun plane, flys really well even on windy days which i get most of the time where i am. i have added some extra carbon to the alirons a long the edge to stop the foam from flexin rolls much faster after i did this. also from motor to mid wing a long the bottom for landing protection, and on the aliron servo ether side as mine was moving abit in the foam. looks grate in the air and flys grate.

i used the Hk 25-30a Esc and turnigy S3 800mah lipo but flys really well with a Turnigy 1300mah nano tec lipo.
I purchased this kit in mid-May, 2012. Upon receipt, I noted the kit was missing the brushless motor that was advertised as "included". Despite repeated communications with HK and assurances by them that they would replace the motor (the problem was deemed "solved" on each of two separate notifications!) I have yet (as of 07/31/12) to receive a replacement motor. I have subsequently purchased a motor from my local hobby shop just to get the kit in the air, and now find that it's a fine flyer and loads of fun. CONSUMER BEWARE: HK apparently does not and will not honor their advertising for "included" items, nor their promises to replace missing items. They'll put you through all sorts of required steps to submit a claim, with no apparent intention of fulfilling their obligation and responsibility to make good on missing items. Buy the kit...just beware you may get screwed. Repeatedlly!!
I like it very much, it flies very very well. I'm using: 3S 1500mAh 20C, 3x HXT900, 25A Plush ESC and 4 CH RX. AUW is 350g with this setup and flight time is 12 min. Stock motor has plenty of power and goes almost unlimited vertical. Instructions are with color pictures and are OK, build time is 4h .
Trs long a monter, et le rsultat est dcevant. 1 er vol, et le museau casse net, et aussi l hlice. Bas de gamme, on en a juste pour son argent.
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  • HobbyKing® ™ P51 EPP ProfileFighter Unbreakable

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