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HobbyKing™ Brushless Car ESC 2S-4S 60A w/ Reverse

HobbyKing™ Brushless Car ESC 2S-...

Standard 60A car esc with forward reverse and a good range of features such as timing adjust and breaking. Supports a wide range of motors. Very reliable!

Full protection feature including low voltage, over-heat, thro...

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Standard 60A car esc with forward reverse and a good range of features such as timing adjust and breaking. Supports a wide range of motors. Very reliable!

Full protection feature including low voltage, over-heat, throttle signal lost, startup
protection and self-check.
Compatible with sensorless brushless motor.
Excellent startup performance, linear and quick throttle response.
Supports highest motor speed 240,000RPM(2 poles), 80,000RPM(6 poles) and 40,000(12 poles).
Easy to configure with program card.
System can automatically detect throttle neutral point, and neutral range is adjustable.
Three work modes for different environments.
4 step reverse force adjustment
5 step start force adjustment.
3 step brake force adjustment
5 step drag brake force adjustment,
4 step initial brake force adjustment.
Input voltage: 2-4S Lithium batteries / 4~15 Ni-xx
Cont. Current: 60A
BEC output: 3A/5V (Switch)
Size( length X width X high): 47x41x29mm
Weight: 82g


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very good esc with 3100k motor was still cool
Utilisé avec des lipo 2S pas de problème. J'ai essayé en 4S, l'esc faisait du cogging a font et a finalement a pris feu !!!
funciona bastante bien lo que me sorprendio fueque aguanta hasta 4 celdas

y tambien trae su abanico enfriador
like this real much, easy to programm (card) and works fine
This ESC is very good for either car or boat, with the extra cooling provided by the fan and grilled cooler. It's recommended to program it with the card, since the rx or switch programming is very laborious.
The acceleration is very good even on default settings, the linear acceleration is fantastic and the start of the motor is precise and very responsive.
I had 10 runs with my boat equipped with a turnigy aquastar 3720 - 1500kv and the heat was negligible.

The only downside to this ESC is the switch, but that's negligible, since you can strap a wire on the connector and use a main switch directly on the battery.

It's the first ESC I'm happy with from HK. In the past I tried HK Boat ESC's from 30 to 90A and wasn't satisfied at all with how the motor started (sometimes it didn't even start), and one of them even broke after 5-6 runs, refusing to start the motor. Though, it was enough for me to send a proof video to HK to reimburse my money as bonus points, with which I bought other products.

Suprisingly, this is great in a scale boat powered by a motor that is not spinning at full cry. I think three of these are installed in different models on our local pond!
Seems to work great! It's a tight fit in my TA05. I have it driving a TrackStar 3900kv. I originally had this motor connected to Turnigy TrackStar 1/10th Scale 60A Car ESC Version 2, and would glitch out and just stop. That ESC works well with other motors I have so not sure what's going on. So far so good with this one! I'll report back if that changes.
esc very good, better than the 40a of the same game ...
very versatile single has programmed while auto detec ...
motor 30 to 40a 9t sub 3s lipo very good speed
the only problem is the BEC can a weak !!!
you need a external BEC more to separate the contro and ventilator
because it is the ventilator which sucks all the current OCI ...
since no problem

most is the exterior light outputs connect to simulate stop false as we brake
Warning, there is NO programming instructions included with this ESC, you are left in the Dark and experimenting! But the "Turbo" LED programming box does work with this ESC - but still no instructions.

Works great! The switch did stop working. Easy to install a new switch though. Also The fan blade broke off. My fault for hitting a tree probably. Overall delivers solid power to my Trackstar 4210kv 9.5T motor. Am satisfied, however I do have some regrets on not paying more and getting a sensored version. I just hate seeing that sensor cable sitting unused.
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