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HobbyKing™ EZ Master Trainer EPO 1230mm w/Motor (ARF)

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HobbyKing™ EZ Master Trainer EPO 1230mm w/Motor (ARF)

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Just another high wing trainer? We think not. The new HobbyKing™ EZ Master and Mini EZ Master are trainers at first glance, but once you fly them you'll see they're everything; trainer, sport plane, aerobat. Moulded of tough EPO foam, a bright graphical colour scheme makes them look good in the air, and durable when they inevitably hit the ground. Both the EZ Master and Mini EZ Master airframes feature tricycle undercarriage with a steerable nose wheel, bolt on wing, and full 4 channel control, including dual aileron servos for great roll response! Open the box and you are greeted with a low parts count, and minimal assembly. Go from the workbench to the flying field in less time than it takes to charge the batteries!

Take-offs are short and sweet due to the powerful brushless outrunner motor, with landings a breeze due to the light wing loading of both models. We have had a blast flying these planes during all of our testing and video shoots. They're stable when you want to relax, but push the throttle forward and slam the sticks into the corners and she wakes up. Inverted flight requires some down elevator due to the flat bottom airfoil, though the mild dihedral angle makes rolls as axial as one would expect from a high wing trainer. Kick in a little rudder at the top of hard climb outs and do crisp stall turns back to the downline.

Both the EZ Master and its little brother, the Mini EZ Master are available in two versions, Plug and Fly (PNF) and Almost Ready to Fly w/ Motor (ARF)

• Almost Ready to Fly w/ Motor- Just install your choice of electronics and speed control
• Moulded EPO airframe
• Easy access battery hatch
• Rugged aluminum main landing gear and spring steel steerable nose wheel
• Powerful brushless outrunner motor
• Vibrant, easy to orient pre-applied EZ Master graphics

Wing Span: 1230mm
Length: 980mm
Flying weight: 920-1000g (with battery)
Motor: 2216 880KV Brushless Outrunner

4+ Channel Transmitter and Receiver
3S 11.1V 1800mAh LiPoly Battery
30 Amp Brushless Speed Control
SF 10x7 Propeller
4 x 8g Servos

  • HobbyKing™ EZ Master Trainer EPO 1230mm w/Motor
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adri62 | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Apr 24, 2016

a very nice......piece of ch...... !
a real pain to install the front steering due to the drilling to clamp the wheel axle
and then i flew it about 20 seconds, made a flip, and the plastic stuff where you put the wing it went off due to lack of glue or bad glue i don't know, with the following result:

even my expensive upgrade emax 2215/20 motor is bent


Ral fRotten | Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Feb 01, 2014

I've just started putting mine together and have found some point's of interest, the main wing spar is only 30cm long and 6mm wide, the recess in each wing is 30cm, so they put a ridge in the centre of the 30cm spar to stop it sliding into either wing to far and causing the wing to fold, I would recommend adding your own spar at 60cm long, the wings themselves look very tough at least 3cm thick till near the wing tip, ..............The front wheel holder is a brass insert into plastic which connects to the push rod, I recommend removing the brass insert and CA gluing it back in, (very fiddly) the plastic moulding around the brass insert securing screw is less than half a mm! at 2 points around the securing screw, mine came apart just tightening up the securing screw, easy fix,... Oh and the kit came with 2 propellers even though the description says they are required, In general this looks like a tough plane, the landing gear looks good, all over I reckon it's a good trainer/slow flyer, I will report back after I have flown it, looks like a good purchase to me!

Customer files
repowered mystery 2830 1500kv 8x4 prop Download [330]
How to brace your wing B4 flying OR ELSE Download [960]
what happens on unbraced wing! Download [429]
plastic pulled through foam not glued in Download [830]
New nose repair xtra screws for wing Download [2676]
longer wing rod 600mm straight in place Download [1744]
CG push rods Download [605]
nose wheel leg horn Download [22]
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