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HobbyKing™ KK-Mini Multi-Rotor Flight Control Board 36x36mm (30.5x30.5mm)

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HobbyKing™ KK-Mini Multi-Rotor Flight Control Board 36x36mm (30.5x30.5mm)


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The next evolution of the rotor revolution is here!! The KK-mini is packing all the same power, but with a new mighty-mini form factor.

The KK-Mini is the next Big/Small evolution of the first generation KK flight control boards. The KK-Mini is based on the KK2.1.5 architecture and has all the same inputs and outputs as well as the full functionality of its big brother. The new 36mm designed was adapted to fit the needs of the new mini market, but don’t let its size fool you as it's just as much at home in any size multi-rotor. The KK mini still utilizes a built in GUI using a hi-res mini LCD and 4 micro buttons for the same great KK experience. It was engineered from the ground up to bring multi-rotor flight to everyone, not just the experts.

A host of multi-rotor craft types are pre-installed, simply select your craft type, check motor layout/propeller direction, calibrate your ESCs and radio and you’re ready to go! All of which is done with easy to follow on screen prompts!

The original KK gyro system has been updated to an incredibly sensitive 6050 MPU system, making this the most stable KK board ever and allowing for the addition of an auto-level function. At the heart of the KK-Mini is an Atmel Mega644PA 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller with 64k of memory. An additional polarity protected header has been added for voltage detection, so no need for on-board soldering. A handy piezo buzzer is also included for audio warning when activating and deactivating the board.

The KK-Mini added polarity protection to the voltage sense header and on-board buzzer. The voltage sense line has been updated for better accuracy.

If you’re new to multi-rotor flight or have been unsure about how to setup a KK board, then the KK-Mini was built for you. The 6 Pin USBasp AVR programming interface ensures future software updates will be quick and easy.

Size: 36x36x11.5mm (mounting holes 30.5x30.5mm)
Weight: 8.6g
IC: Atmega644 PA
Gyro/Acc: 6050MPU InvenSense Inc.
Auto-level: Yes
Input Voltage: 4.8-6.0V
AVR interface: standard 6 pin.
Signal from Receiver: 1520us (5 channels)
Signal to ESC: 1520us
LCD size: 24*18mm
Mini buttons size:Four 3.3*4.2mm
Voltage sensor: One red positive pin header for.
Input rail: Single row 2.54mm pitch pin header for input signal

Firmware Version: 1.6:
Pre-installed firmware.
Quadcopter +
Quadcopter X
Hexcopter +
Hexcopter X
Octocopter +
Octocopter X
X8 +
X8 X
Singlecopter 2M 2S
Singlecopter 1M 4S

(Custom Mix via the "Mixer Editor" option)

The Mixer Editor allows you to adjust where and how much signal the motors receive from stick input and sensors. This allows you to create any configuration possible with up to 8 motors or servos.

Customer self-update function.
Satellite input use Satellite-to-CPPM converter (#24524) at throttle channel(need steveis SW)
Sbus input use SBUS-to-CPPM converter (#52185) at throttle channell(need steveis SW)

** Note: It is all ways recommended to update to the latest software version as part of your initial setup.(This is different than v1. 6 for KK2.0)  

*** Note: The KK-Mini uses the same firmware as the KK2.1~2.1.5 series

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  • RC UFO Flying Saucer
  • UFO Flying Saucer with Improved Tractor Beam
  • KK2 SingleCopter 2m 2s Maiden
  • KK2 SK450 DeadCat
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Scott | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

HELP!!!!!!!Trouble with tiping Quad when trying to lift off.

Nov 30, 2017

Ok, soi've done all the re=checks and have followed the Receiver Test but trys to tip Quad450 over when throttling up.Any Ideas?

Viktor | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Great item for great price

Nov 12, 2017

Bought 2. I have one on my scratch built tricopter. Very easy to use.
Second one still on box, waiting for next build.
Good item.

George | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Excellent Value

Oct 05, 2017

Have bought 4 of these controllers of which 3 are on different frames (1 Rotobits Quad, 1 Rotobits Tri and 1 scratch built Tri)
They work well out of the box and can be configured quickly and easily.
Screen contrast is quite good.
At just over $6, why wouldn't you buy more!

Abran | Verified Buyer

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

Lets see!

Apr 26, 2017

I sure hope it works well.. I am expecting a lot! I got it for $6!

Claudio | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Luce di retroilluminazione

Apr 18, 2017

Luce di retroilluminazione display troppo forte. Si vede appena il testo sul display. Non ci sono problemi di stabilizzazione.

A.L. | Verified Buyer

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall


Apr 08, 2017

Using the firmware 1.6, there is no option to setup the contrast of the display.

Anyway I got my 2 pcs this day - and it´s the same problem.

If HK will post it, you will see (soon) a picture of an older version (guess about 1 year old) showing much better contrast.

Start an RMA and hope you will get a better one...........

good luck

BENJAMIN | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Hard to upgrade

Apr 06, 2017

Trying to upload open aero firmware, bit if a challenge. Much help will be greatly appreciated.

Sethu | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality


Dec 05, 2016

Can I connect it with XBee?

GIANNIS | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


Nov 25, 2016

Very poor lcd contrast.How can i adjust it?It is very hard to read it.

Asanga | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Oct 17, 2016

My 1st one had issues with powering up and with blank screen. Hobby king replaced it with a new one and it was perfect. I flashed Open Aero firmware and used it on my bixler 2 with stabilizer and auto leveling mode

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