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HobbyKing™ Q-BEC Variable Output 10 Amp (6-25V) SBEC for LiPoly

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HobbyKing™ Q-BEC Variable Output 10 Amp (6-25V) SBEC for LiPoly


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The new HobbyKing™ Q-BEC is a DC-DC battery eliminator circuit (BEC) with an output voltage continuously variable from 4.96 to 9.11V, adjusted using the rotary pot on the front of the unit.
An integrated, 3 digit LCD screen displays the output voltage clearly.    
With an output of between 5 and 10Amps, dependant on input voltage, the Q-BEC is a versatile addition to any model using a variety of accessories.

Always check the input voltage of any accessory before connecting the Q-BEC supply to it.

• Variable output
• Clear LCD display panel
• Light weight
• Compact design

Type: BEC
Output: 8A @ 12V input~5A @ 24V input (10A peak)
Input: 6v-25v (2-6cell lipoly)
Dimensions: 43 x 23 x 12mm
Weight: 13.5g

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LasseK | Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Nov 15, 2015

This is a quite good step-down regulator (i.e. it can only produce output voltages lower than the battery voltage). I measured output voltage and noise relative to output current (refer to picture named "BEC comparison" under the FILES tab). Short story is that the unit performs well up to 9A, but at 10A I got 400mV noise (was at 80mV at lower currents). So I would say this is a 9A unit, because it's not really usable at 10A (too much noise). I measured 6.11V at 0A, 5.76V at 5A and 5.42V at 9A. So it holds up quite well as the load increases. It doesn't get very warm either (didn't measure efficiency). I could have done without the display (to save some weight), but it is accurate, so OK. I like that the output is adjustable, so you can choose the optimal voltage depending on your servo specifications. Plan to use it on my 450 which has had problems due to BEC overload (YEP 40A ESC). Recommend.

david | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Feb 05, 2015

it is a step down, very precise, very stable.
I am very satisfied.The display show the actual voltage.

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