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HobbyKing™ Typhoon 3D Balsa 1250mm (ARF)

HobbyKing™ Typhoon 3D Balsa 1250mm (ARF)


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The HobbyKing Typhoon has been built exclusively for 3D. This balsa and plywood airfame arrives almost ready to fly with huge control surfaces and a light wing loading, the perfect recipe for some extreme aerobatics!

Upon opening the box you are greeted to a high level of fabrication. Just install hardware, electronics, and complete final assembly to be ready to fly. Experienced modelers can have the Typhoon ready to fly in an evening or two of work.

Control surfaces are hinged with CA style hinges. Wing mounted aileron servos and a tail mounted elevator servo keeps control rods short and precise, while the rudder servo is mounted up front with pull-pull cables running to the back, keeping extra weight out of the tail.

Aluminum landing gear and pre-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants round out the Typhoon's comprehensive package. Just supply your choice of motor, battery and electronics, a few building adhesives, and you're set.

The very attractive HobbyKing Typhoon 3D offers superb performance for both the 3D pilot and the sport flyer. This is the perfect all round model for the intermediate to experienced pilot as it looks good, flys great, is practical and doesn't cost the earth, you couldn't ask for more!

• Almost Ready to Fly  - Complete final assembly, and install your choice of battery and radio system
• Built up balsa and light plywood airframe
• 2 piece plug-in wings
• Highly visible color scheme with distinct top and bottom colors for easy orientation
• Oversize control surfaces for awesome 3D performance
• Pre-painted in fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
• Complete hardware pack including pull-pull cables for rudder

Wingspan: 1250mm
Length: 1106mm
Weight: 1350g w/o battery
Wing Area: 29.13 dm2

4 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
Servos: 4x 12g digital metal gear
40A Brushless Speed Control
35mm Outrunner Motor (500-600 Watt)
3S 11.1V 2200~2600mAh LiPoly Battery


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just received my second one of these. i did not realise the hinges in the elevator were not glued properly and had a failure mid air and run out of luck, altitude, and ability and turned the typhoon into a tropical low. it did however fly like a dream before the appocolypse..look forward to getting the new one airborne soon
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verified_user Quality
The engine used is a Turnigy D3542 / 6 1000kVA.
Corona 939MG Metal Gear Servo Servo are 2.5kg / 0.14sec / 12.5g.
The battery is 2200mAh 3S 40C Turnigy
The propeller 11x5,5
ESC TURNIGY Plush 60amp
Glues used: Epoxy and CA glue.
I installed servo on ailerons. The problem is that the cut is larger than the servo. I cut some rectangles of plywood and I glued with epoxy on the inside.
Wing cross pins in the aircraft fuselage must be stabilized with care. The holes are not centered.
The hinges of the ailerons must be positioned perpendicular to the slit wing to penetrate CA glue. This is not mentioned in the manual.
I mounted horizontal stabilizer, and when I mounted the elevator I bent wire that fixes the two sides of the elevator. Care should be taken. I turned this after curing epoxy.
Vertical stabilizer after removing the foil must be mounted at 90 degrees to the horizontal stabilizer. To me have a little movement.
At the rudder I added another hinge.
I added the rudder servo for some rectangles of plywood on the inside in order to fix the servo.
To fix the hood must stick pieces of balsa fuselage. In this manual is not detailed. The screws must enter those pieces of balsa.
Be careful not to move the bonnet and engine to rub it.
Cross holes in the motor does not match the holes made by the manufacturer.
I cut a piece of plywood and we stuck it behind the bed frame. I gave other holes.
First flight - horizontal stabilizer was broken in flight. I had to reinforce it with pieces of balsa placed diagonally.

Finally stabilizer was broken in the air. Total destruction. Stabilizer poorly designed.
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verified_user Quality
verified_user Quality
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Semplicemente perfetto! acquistato quando in promozione e' stata una piacevole sorpresa. Molto simile nelle dimensioni al Su-20 classe 30 della Sebart.
Costruzione ottima e copertura perfetta. in volo e' visibilissimo.
il mio l'ho motorizzato con un Turnigy 35-42/6 da 1000kv esc da 50A, elica APC 13x6,5. con una batteria 3s da 2200mha il modello e' perfettamente bilanciato.

Simply perfect! purchased when in promotion and 'was a pleasant surprise. Very similar in size to the Su-20 class of 30 Sebart.
excellent and perfect cover construction. in flight and 'highly visible.
I have my motor with a Turnigy 35-42 / 6 1000kV esc 50A, propeller APC 13x6,5. with a 3s battery 2200mha the model and 'perfectly balanced.
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verified_user Quality
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Got this plane in the recent "free shipping" sale. Not sure I would have gotten it if I had to add $70 in shipping and custom fees, so thanks HK. It's pretty nice! Needs quite a bit of work, tighten up the covering job, some glue joints need attention, locating holes for servos and pushrods. Cowling paint job is a bit sloppy; will need cooling holes cut into it. The tail surfaces will need reinforcement they're way too thin and flimsy to stand up to violent 3D maneuvers (I will add a carbon spar). Nice touch, though, all the control surfaces are pre-hinged, just glue it together. Manual is poor but anyone who assembled a plane before will do just fine. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.
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