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H-King Wingnetic Sport Speed Wing EPO 805mm w/ Motor (ARF)

H-King Wingnetic Sport Speed Wing EPO 805mm w/ Motor (ARF)


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Introducing the HobbyKing™ Wingnetic, the distant cousin to our much loved Super Kinetic. Like its cousin, the Wingnetic is a very versatile airplane. Capable of carving out high speed passes both powered and un-powered, though throttle back, let it coast, and she slows down nicely.

The Wingnetic features a fully molded EPO foam airframe which is strong, light, and quick to assemble. Want to optimize your own setup, we offer it in three versions, plug and fly, ARF w/ Motor, or ARF (no electronics). To give it better response, a 1 piece carbon wing spar is pre-installed. A powerful 1200kv outrunner with folding propeller rockets the Wingnetic from your hand climbing to altitude in seconds.

As it has a regular elevator and separate ailerons, all you need is a simple radio, no mixing needed. Add to that a small 3S 11.1V 800mAh battery and you have yourself a fun little plane. Access the motor through the front hatch, while the battery and receiver can be reached through the rear hatch. Since the Wingnetic is a belly lander, the bottom and wing tips have pvc protection adding to the durability of the model.

In addition to being a fun power plane, the Wingnetic's ultra clean airframe makes it a great slope glider, with or without motor assist. Due to the low parts count you can be tearing up the skies in a matter of minutes. The compact nature of the Wingnetic makes it the ideal leave it in the car airplane, or pack it along with you on a hike.

Check out the HobbyKing™ Wingnetic for fast flying fun!


• Almost Ready to Fly - Add your choice of electronics and fly!
• Wide flight envelope from high speed aerobatics to off-power gliding
• Powerful 2630 1200KV brushless outrunner motor pre-installed
EPO foam construction
• Folding prop and spinner pre-installed
• Easy access magnetic battery hatch
• Quick assembly, low parts count

Wingspan: 805mm
Length: 540mm
Weight: 365g
Motor: 2630 1200KV brushless outrunner

4CH transmitter and receiver
3S 11.1V 800~900mAh Lipoly Battery
20A Brushless
3 x 5~6g Servos


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Trs bon petit planeur de vitesse, mais il faut bien le rgler avant pour qu'il soit stable et docile, sinon trs difficile piloter si vous le rglez pas bien. Grande plage de vitesse, de lentement pour le poser 200kmhr en descente la verticale!
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Hi Guys, great little plane. My motor only lasted 2 flights, no biggy as I had an upgrade sitting ready. I fly with a 850ma 4 cell, goes really well! I left the battery cover off as it wont fit with the big battery and velcro the battery right forward, the battery ends up over the wing spar. I built the area up with 2 layers of velcro. They fly very quickly, steady in the wind, whip fast turns. Super cheap fun!
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  • HobbyKing™ Wingnetic Sport Speed Wing EPO 805mm w/ Motor

  • HobbyKing™ Wingnetic Sport Speed Wing EPO 805mm w/ Motor

  • HobbyKing™ Wingnetic Sport Speed Wing EPO 805mm w/ Motor

  • HK Wingnetic on a windy day.

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